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First Time on Audio

The 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors meet for the first time.
8th Doctor returns for the first time since the TV Movie.
Tom Baker returns to Doctor Who.
The Daleks are back!
The Genesis of the Cybermen.
The Sontarans face the 5th Doctor for the first time.
The 7th Doctor and Ace face off against an old enemy.
The 8th Doctor encounters the Wirrn.
The Rani returns and the 6th Doctor needs to stop her.
Turlough on audio.
Peri on audio.
Nyssa on audio.
Ace on audio.
Romana II on audio.
The Brigadier teams up with the 6th Doctor.

New Companions

Erimem joins the 5th Doctor.
Evelyn Smythe joins the 6th Doctor.
Frobisher with the 6th Doctor
Thomas Hector Scofield (Hex) joins the 7th Doctor.
Charley joins the 8th Doctor.
Lucie Miller joins 8th Doctor.