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188d. The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time

Michael is a young boy who likes to solve mysteries, such as the mystery of the extra gnome, the mystery of the absent father, and the mystery of the strange man in yellow trousers at the bottom of the garden.

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Review By komodo 7/29/14 12:51 am
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Reviewer Says:
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The original Peladon stories were rich with detail. Brian Hayles had a vision of a world and its history and legends and also its relationship with other worlds. He brought in the Ice Warriors and gave them a whole new direction to go in and created the lovable Aggador and the memorable Alpha Centauri.

Bride of Peladon makes heavy use of this established setting, perhaps too much, but it tells a good story while honoring the originals.

Its very busy with characters just like the originals, but in audio that can be a problem especially with three or four groups of characters operating at once. If you hang in there, it will be worth it and its a fine farewell for a key character.
Review By kfb2014 7/28/14 3:36 am
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Today as started with myself listening to the Cyberman drama with the fifth Dr, and Nyssa, battling, the creation of the Cyberman. Spare Parts the story, is based around the Dr and his companion landing on the host planet where it all began. Nyssa gets involved with a family who are slowly being made into cyborg form. Where as the Dr get's caught up with the Doctor Alan, who is bent on processing the remaining humans into Cyborg type. However things become unstuck when the Dr refuses to be used as a model for the rest of the cyborg race. The Cyberman then increase there control over their own destiny. The revolt by the remaining humans and the dissatisfaction with the way they have been treated. A quite excellent Cyberman outing with the fifth Dr. Well worth a listen or two.
Review By komodo 7/27/14 7:18 am
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
A very off-beat story here in the Nev Fountain tradition. It mixes irreverent comedy with timey-wimey nonsense.

In many respects this is an excellent release and one I did not expect. There have been a number of poor releases for Peri and Erimem, so I was not expecting anything like this. To give spoilers in the review would ruin the fun, but suffice it to say the Doctor and companions are investigating the death of the princes in the tower. In classic style Doctor is separated from companions and they all work to then bring the story together and something that can only be called juxtapositional mayhem.

The only flaw I found was that some of the key voices were too similar and given that we were hearing the same characters from alternating points in time, this made a brilliant story, a confusing one. Luckily it was more confusing for the characters than it was for the listener.

So many of the twists and turns are unpredictable and the cliff hangers are all major shocks that you don't see coming and can't see a solution to.

I really must listen to this one again.
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