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3. Whispers of Terror

The Doctor and Peri find themselves in the Museum of Aural Antiquities, where every sound is stored for posterity - from the speeches of Visteen Krane to security service wire taps and interrrogation tapes. But they also find an intruder, mysteriously changed recordings, and a dead body.

Before long the Doctor realises that there is more going on than a simple break-in or murder. How can he defeat a creature that is made of pure sound?
Colin Baker (The Doctor); Nicola Bryant (Peri); Rebecca Jenkins (Amber Dent / Car Computer); Hylton Collins (Goff Fotherill / Computer Voice); Matthew Brenher (Visteen Krane); Harvey Summers (Radio Announcer); Peter Miles (Museum Curator Gantman); Mark Trotman (Miles Napton); Nick Scovell (Detective Berkeley); Steffan Boje (Hans Stengard); Lisa Bowerman (Beth Pernell); Justin Richards (Answerphone Message); Jacqueline Rayner (Audio Voices)
Written By
Directed By
Gary Russell


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Rated 7/10 on 7/20/14 4:03 am
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Review By picklepest
Rated 10/10 on 9/12/11 1:34 pm
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This still stands up as one of the best Big Finish plays produced, I'd go so far to say one of the best audio drama's ever produced by anyone. Seriously it's brilliant.

I'd go along with everything Fluidlink writes in their review. Spot on.

Plus it's got Peter Miles in.
Review By Nocturius
Rated 8/10 on 1/19/14 4:34 pm
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Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant are very funny, sweet jokes at the begining. It's a good story, ideal for this media.
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Review By RainCityBC
Rated 8/10 on 10/27/13 2:45 pm
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The Doctor and Peri. The 6th was never my favourite Doctor, but I did like him more - it was like this was how he should have been drawn. Story was really good
Review By CountScarlioni
Rated 8/10 on 9/16/13 11:11 pm
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The first time Big Finish got it wonderfully right. The Sirens of Time was a bit meh and Phantasmagoria was a bit better but still not up to snuff with the best of Big Finish. Then Whispers of Terror came along and set the standard for what a Doctor Who story by Big Finish should be; enthralling, an original plot and using the audio format spectacularly. The only real problem is that it feels like a trial run, it gets a lot better over time but Whispers of Terror set a great example for what a Big Finish story should be.
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Review By FluidLink
Rated 8/10 on 2/2/11 6:57 am
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Let's start with the basics, the Doctor and Peri. This is the first time the two actors have played these characters together since The Trial of a Time Lord in 1986 (thirteen years earlier) and, I felt they nailed it. The Doctor is loud and brash and at the story's opening they are both baiting each other as they so often did; this subsides when their 'adventure' begins and once it's all over, the baiting starts fits perfectly. Having said that it does feel like they’re starting to mellow slightly, which is what clearly happened to them between series 22 and 23. Another aspect of this story that’s just right is the music… Briggs does a great job of replicating the synthesizer music from this era, which only goes to reinforce the feeling that this story belongs there.

So what of the story itself? The whole point of this story is sound, both in a fictional and a production sense. For the characters in the story, and those of us listening to it, it’s all about what you’re hearing. And who, because this story revolves around a character that is a sound wave so there are times when you’re not sure if the voice you’ve just heard is the person you thought it was. It’s an excellent plot device and leads to some wonderfully chilling and eerily unnerving moments, helped along enormously by the actor playing the sound wave.

Which brings us to the cast. Every character has a reason for being in the museum and every character has their moment, with the exception of Detective Berkeley who really doesn’t do anything at all. Nick Scovell plays him perfectly well, but I feel that the story would have suffered no ill effects had the character simply not been there. Apart from this, everyone plays their parts well, with a nice little turn from Peter Miles (Nyder from Genesis of the Daleks) and two excellent performances from Lisa Bowerman and Matthew Brenher. And one character in particular is involved in a marvellous twist.

Unfortunately, the identity of the sound creature is so obviously signposted from Part One, it makes the reveal at the cliffhanger to Part Two utterly ineffective (although I do like the homage to The Face of Evil). Aside from that however, I really can’t find anything to dislike about this story. It’s brilliantly written with a good cast and an excellent use of sound, the sparing use of background noise and incidental music is quite a brave move so early on in the range, but it enhances the atmosphere so much as every voice and every noise that you do hear draws your attention completely.

This story could not be done on television, even now. It’s all about sound, if you tried to do it in a visual medium it would be a pale echo of what you get here.

Don’t listen to it with your eyes open, you’ll be distracted by everything you look at. Close your eyes or turn off the lights and let your ears deceive you. 8/10
Review By Ashantai
Rated 7/10 on 6/30/14 12:53 pm
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For an audio story, this does something rare, it uses sound to its advantage as part of the plot.
Overall Colin Baker and Peri are similar to their on screen appearances but the 6th Doctor is less unpleasant and unlikeable.
A fun enough run around with some good direction.
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Review By drwhatPieter2
Rated 7/10 on 5/6/13 12:39 pm
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The third adventure of the big finnish series. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant are a good team together, and Peter Miles as Nyder previously played in the Tom Baker years in Genesis of the Daleks respond now as Museum Curator Gantman. Lisa Bowermen normally the heroic Bernice Summerfield now played the evil Beth Pernell.

This audio adventure has an important theme: sound.
The stand is quite a clever idea, a being composed of pure sound.
It's a pretty good adventure with a typical sixth / peri relationship.
The disadvantage is that some scenes I can not understand. And some scenes are sometimes deafeningly loud.
The plot is very understandable and the setting is also well done, an aural museum of antiquities.

give it a 7.