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5. Deadline


It's been forty years since Martin Bannister encountered the Doctor. They were different men back then. Martin was young and talented and The Times' seventh most promising writer to watch out for. The Doctor was mysterious, crotchety and possibly oriental. It was an encounter that destroyed both their lives.

Pity poor Martin now... His career is in ruins, all forgotten. His estranged wives keep dying in the wrong order, and there's a nasty green stain by the wardrobe that could be an alien footprint or, possibly, just mould.

Martin's life is about to change unexpectedly┬ů Impromptu poetry readings. Elephant expeditions. An obligatory bug-eyed monster. And a last, desperate chance for love, before it's too late.

Sounds like it's time for the Doctor to come into Martin's life again. And sort him out. Permanently.
Derek Jacobi (Martin Bannister); Genevieve Swallow (Susan); Peter Forbes (Philip); Jacqueline King (Barbara); Ian Brooker (Sydney); Adam Manning (Tom)
Written By
Directed By
Nicholas Briggs


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Review By jolyon
Rated 10/10 on 12/17/11 8:04 am
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This remains one of the best Big Finish audios I have heard to date. By far the cleverest take of an Unbound story, offers a taste of what first Doctor stories could be like if all the roles were recast. A tragic tale of writing, ambition, relationships and family. Even some slagging off of people who write reviews of other people's writing. And a great conversation surrounding some ashes. 10/10
10 Rated 10/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
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This is terrific - funny, brilliantly performaed and melancholic. Deadline was originally designed the end the Unbound series, providing as it does, a nice balance and contract to Auld Mortality. Just as that story pondered about what would have happened if the Doctor had never left Gallifrey, this story entertains the notion that Doctor Who may simply be in the mind of the original (failed) writer.
Happily, the story-telling is such that we never really know whether it is Martin Bannister dreaming he is the Doctor, or the Doctor somehow trapped in the mind of Martin Bannister. Either way, it is very good indeed - alongside writer Rob Shearman's best work, and superbly played throuhout. The sound design (Nick Briggs) is also very clever.
Review By Gcookscotland
Rated 8/10 on 6/4/13 6:51 am
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Strange story about a Dr Who writer. Entertaining!
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Review By Eiphel
Rated 8/10 on 8/19/10 1:13 pm
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Wow. I mean, wow, this is grim. It's another fantastic use of the scope afforded by the Unbound label though. It's hard to say what there actually is to *like* about it. I suppose it's most pleasing aspect is the amusing referencing in Bannister's scripts. Beyond that there's a few comic moments and very little else that's in any way nice.

And yet it is a stunning piece of work. It really resounded with me. It's a presentation of complete failure, in its way. But it is stunningly real, tragic, and also sympathetic. 8/10
Review By BCWilliams
Rated 1/10 on 5/19/12 10:18 am
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Did not enjoy this story. 1/10