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168. 1001 Nights

A long time ago, two travelers came from far away...

In the perfumed palace of an omnipotent Sultan, a girl must tell stories to keep the man she cares about from a cruel and horrible death. She spins tales of distant lands she has visited with a mysterious traveler, of fabulous creatures and fantastic adventures – and of a blue box that can travel in time and space.

Meanwhile, in the dungeons below the throne room, there lurks a secret which will bring down the kingdom – perhaps even the universe.

Can the Doctor and Nyssa escape from this never-ending story before the final chapter spells their end?

*This is an anthology release but there is no information on the Big Finish website of story titles or which writer(s) wrote the specific stories.
Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Alexander Siddig (Sultan), Nadim Sawalha (Old Man), Teddy Kempner (Nazar), Kim Ismay (Lottie/Woman Stallholder), Malcolm Tierney (Gantha/Warder), Debbie Leigh-Simmons (Elizabeth Spinnaker/Bessie/Crying Woman), Christopher Luscombe (Alien Psychiatrist/Balladeer), Oliver Coopersmith (Hill/Archie)
Written By
Directed By
Barnaby Edwards


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Review By katrinaau
Rated 9/10 on 3/18/13 11:39 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
A fun release. Whilst I am all for drama in Doctor Who, I do feel sometimes Big Finish takes itself far too seriously. This for me was a great story, well told and allows Peter Davison some light touches as the Doctor.

The "anthology" stories are good and are held under the umbrella of the main story where the Doctor finds Nyssa may be accidentally telling tales on him in a way that cant be good for his health.

Good performances and good cast make for a decent story. Davison and Sutton are, as usual, great value.
Review By PaulaPenguin
Rated 8/10 on 9/27/13 7:43 am
5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
In the opening scenes of 1001 Nights we learn the Doctor has been imprisoned and thrown into one of the dungeons after he and Nyssa got into a spot of trouble in the Sultan's palace. Now Nyssa is pleading for the release of her friend. But the ruler is only prepared to let his prisoner go if Nyssa entertains him with some tales about the Doctor first. So Nyssa is cast into the role of a Scheherazade-like storyteller in order to assemble the different tales into a loose framework.

With the theme of imprisonment obviously on her mind, Nyssa tells the Sultan about the time she and the Doctor arrived in a mysterious, far-away prison where the only people were an old jailor and a single captive. This is a rather dark tale with a particularly strong and surprising ending.

The second story is about a case of demonic possession. Maybe it's just that the 5th Doctor constantly seems to have to deal with possessed people (certainly more so than any of his other incarnations), but for me this was the weakest episode of the anthology. However, the characters are well-written and likable and the acting is superb, so there is still a lot to enjoy about this tale.

The next entry is introduced by Nyssa as "a story about stories". It is about an adventure she and the Doctor had on a planet where fiction is the only accepted form of currency. A highly imaginative premise, well-played out.

The last story is generated by the framework itself and it sees the escape of the Doctor from the dungeons (although it obviously isn't quite as straight forward as that) The adventure feels a little rushed, but I like its basic premise and the final scene is just absolutely beautiful.

Overall 1001 Nights is quite a strong collection of stories for 5/Nyssa. Definitely recommended.
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