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2.2 - The Surest Poison

All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

An auction of fine timepieces. A man who has lived for over 100 years. The greatest watchmaker in history. The mysterious theft of the greatest watch ever built.

These people and events are inexorably linked by Time and the results could be cataclysmic for humanity.

From London, 2006 to Jerusalem in 1983 and beyond - to 18th Century Paris - the strands are drawn together. A seemingly perfect web is forming.

Only two elements can intervene on our behalf. But when Sapphire is struck down by disease and Steel is trapped for over 20 years, who will intervene on their behalf?

"The future will be time-centric and Time will be everything."
David Warner (Steel); Susannah Harker (Sapphire); Richard Franklin (Webb); Tom Bevan (Breget); Eric MacLennan (Gerard); Helen Goldwyn (Cecile)
Written By
Directed By
Nigel Fairs


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Rated 7/10 on 5/15/14 3:17 pm
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Review By Megaplumfinity
Rated 7/10 on 5/15/14 3:17 pm
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
An entertaining story with a fine guest performance from Richard Franklin and an intriguing basis in real-life historical figures. What it lacks is the spine-chilling weirdness of the best S&S stories leaving a decent but unremarkable sci-fi tale.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
5 Rated 5/10 on 9/9/10 3:23 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Just as the previous story, The School, doesn't quite match the standard of the first audio Sapphire and Steel series, this story doesn't quite match the interest of its immediate predecessor.

This is still not without merit - the games played by time are rather good and the cast - especially Richard Franklin - are fine.

In the fairly exceptional run of stories that make up the Sapphire and Steel range, this passes its running time intriguingly enough, but remains distinctly average compared to the impressive company it keeps.