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109b. Spider's Shadow

It is the eve of battle and the Martial Princesses Louise and Alison are hosting a royal ball. But there are unwelcome visitors in the garden and a sequence of events spiralling out of control. And what's more, the Doctor doesn't even remember arriving.
SYVLESTER MCCOY (The Doctor), ALASTAIR CORDING (Professor Mors Alexandryn/Guard), KATHERINE PARKINSON (Danika Meanwhile), DEREK CARLYLE (Smith Ridley/Dar Traders/Colonel), KATARINA OLSSON (Nancy/Martial Princess Keldafria Alison), CAROL FITZPATRICK (Martial Princess Keldafria Louisa), KEVIN MCNALLY (Henry), REBECCA BOTTONE (Opera singer)
Written By
Directed By
Ken Bentley


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Rated 8/10 on 7/20/14 2:51 am
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Review By jdhall1971
Rated 8/10 on 11/27/13 4:56 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Like it, the time element takes a couple of listens, but an enjoyable little tale.
Review By NewWorldreviews
Rated 7/10 on 5/24/14 10:52 am
2 out of 3 found this review helpful.
Compared to The Death Collectors, Spider's Shadow is a much more superior story. These one part stories require a strong hook in which to enter. And in this case, as well as trying up the leftover threads from Death Collectors, it's also dealing with the love of two sisters, who are unable to communicate that with each other. Everything is much stronger in this story, and while it is certainly is a simple premise, it has it's lovely moments.

The plot is very involving, with it's wonderful cast of characters. There's so many different nuances in the script, and it may take a couple of listens to really get all the detail, but it's a rewarding experience when you do. The story untangles like a spider's web, revealing all the layers with each 'Groundhog Day' style experience, which really means you get bang for your buck. There are some wonderful moments, particularly between the two sisters. And there's not just some clever ideas in the script, but some wonderful characters too. The two princesses are the clear standouts, as is Henry, the so-called 'spider' of the title. And Kevin McNally's performance is pitch perfect, making Henry supremely confidant, then having him hoisted by his own petard. No one can do that quite like McNally. And both Sylvester McCoy and David Darlington's music is back up to scratch: the pair giving it there all in a story which gels much better than The Death Collectors.

In all honesty, I feel that Spider's Shadow is a much better story than Death Collectors. But that can often be a problem with these 3 and 1 part stories: the 1 parter is so filled with ideas and potential that the listener is left feeling cold after the rather more traditional 3 parter. And that is certainly the case with The Death Collectors and Spider's Shadow.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Review By Gcookscotland
Rated 5/10 on 6/20/13 12:04 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Complete mess!
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.