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"S.O.S. Emergency. Please send... an archaeologist?"

On a routine postal mission for a deranged millionaire, Bernice, Ruth and Jack intercept a distress signal from the most haunted planet in the galaxy: Nemeqit.

Taking their newly-christened shuttle – The Irverfield – down to investigate, the trio soon find themselves confronted with a pair of childlike extra-terrestrials; Vonna Byzantium, presenter of Paranormal Planets and part-time diva… and an awful lot of dust.

But something else is going on beneath the surface of Nemeqit, something none of them ever imagined. And this time, Bernice really can’t save everyone...
Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), David Ames (Jack), Ayesha Antoine (Ruth), Thomas Grant (Peter Summerfield), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Charlie Hayes (Bel), Ellen Salisbury (Vonna Byzantium), Peter Sheward (Lud), Scott Handcock (Captain Secker), Tony Coburn (Crewman), Dolly Oladini (Dinner Lady), Geoffrey Breton (Lucas Catch), David Benson (Captain Kinkade), Thomas Rees-Kaye (Mobile News Droid/Clerk/Guardbot/Nik), Georgia Moffett (Avril Fenman), Sean Biggerstaff (Antonio Tulloch), Mark Oliver (Newsreader)
Written By
Directed By
Gary Russell,Scott Handcock


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Review By komodo
Rated 8/10 on 5/5/13 7:56 am
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There is a very novel idea at the heart of this which I won't spoil, and a very good idea to drive the story that I will: Amnesiac survivors of an ancient civilisation need an archiologist to look at the ruins of that civilisation to tell them who they are, where they come from and Benny is the one they find.
She has no truth to tell them, but won't lie either, instead she has to understand them and really learn they past, which is not an easy task.
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