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Review By jolyon 2/1/14 2:24 am
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Dark and challenging, playing on the public perception of lawyers, this is one of Big Finish's most testing plays. When the perfect job offer comes along, Tony reasons it through with the assistance of the mysterious Lou. As the journey they share takes some unpleasant turns, Tony must consider all of the information open to him to stay on top of the situation and survive.

David Llewellyn has written a beautiful insight into the demons that haunt Tony, the past that led him to this train journey, and his decision making process. Jerry Lacy and W Morgan Sheppard put in a couple of spot on performances.

The last few tracks of this play are everything I have come to expect from the Big Finish Dark Shadows range. Loved it.
Review By jolyon 11/25/13 8:11 am
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The Dark Shadows range maintains the consistently high standard. Terry Molloy puts in a nice performance as Moloch, whilst Fay Masterson's Sally is an interesting foil for Quentin Collins. Thanks to a little recap and some helpful infodump, the story stands up well alone. With vampires, werewolves and zombies, the heart continues to lie in the human story at the centre. Twisty turny fun and games.
Review By jolyon 6/15/13 2:19 pm
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The Mervyn Stone books are so very funny, but this is a bitesize taste of what made the novels work so well. If you love a murder mystery mixed with comedy, this is the release for you. The last tracks are completely game-changing. You'll spend a little bit of time trying to work out who is a grotesque twist on who from the real world and then the last track gives a new level of self-awareness. Big Finish hold a twisted mirror up to themselves in an hour of audio that must - PLEASE - be the start of a new series...
Review By jolyon 6/15/13 12:52 am
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After all these years, Big Finish can still pull out actors we've not heard since the TV show and work magic. A really funny script allows Benton the chance to play a third rate James Bond. Splitting the work with Sinead Keenan was inspired, as her performance is the highlight. The third Doctor is not missed as Benton holds his own and the laughs keep coming. Great script.
Review By jolyon 3/16/13 6:23 pm
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One very scary concept at the centre of this - the idea that you dump data and run the risk that somebody will one day come scavenging for it, find out about you and your life and then use it for their own financial gain. Here the dressing on top is that the data contains your whole personality, but still, I found this all very new and terrifying. Add a good mystery with robots, some great guest cast and an on form Colin Baker, and this is a great release.

As a bonus, it\'s also from the days before the extras were simply people raving about lunch. Gyles Brandreth gives an interview as entertaining as his performance in the play.
Review By jolyon 3/14/13 3:48 am
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Sophie Aldred gives quite a different Ace in this play. I'm not sure what it is, but she pulls off romance persuasively here in an unexpected fashion. I won't pretend to have been too taken with the plot, but it's a play that allows some development for the Doctor and Ace.
Review By jolyon 3/14/13 3:43 am
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David Warner is the star. Great writing, great performance.
Review By jolyon 3/14/13 3:42 am
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A good idea concisely presented.