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The Time Scales

Reviews By: cafarrer

Review By cafarrer 12/17/10 12:17 am
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Wonderful. Really. It felt like a two hour full story, and I appreciated the pace that it moved was not attempting to rush the story along. There were a few lines from the Fifth Doctor and from Nyssa that jarred me out from the story as seeming lacklustre or just /wrong/, but otherwise a wonderful story.

The idea of the Doctor's favourite alias getting him in trouble was fantastic, and something that I had not ever thought about before.
Review By cafarrer 12/16/10 7:43 pm
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A plot Seasons of Fear did better, a multi-Doctor story that does not live up to its name, and a bunch of technobabble that clouded a good eighty percent of the plot. Normally, I would love all these things. But coupled with a lack of use of talent-- underusing Paul McGann and Colin Baker, not getting a handle on what makes the Seventh Doctor anything but a basic character sketch, and giving Peter Davison a weak script created a rather dismal display for a promising story idea.

The first "proper" multi-Doctor story since Sirens of Time, and it is perhaps the first of any multi-Doctor stories that I did not find enjoyable. Yes, I am disappointed that the Doctors did not actually meet for longer than a minute-- and that in that minute, it completely screwed up its own continuity by having the Doctors say that they won't remember the events, even if parts of the story obviously showed a remembrance of earlier events (specifically the Eighth Doctor constantly remembering details that his earlier selves were said to have forgotten and should not, then, have this information).

I had no attachment to any of the characters, and found that, in many cases, I was drifting out. To the point where I actually remember little of what the Sixth Doctor did or how exactly that part of the plot was solved.

The only two things (five things?) that I found made the play was the acting of the Doctors with such unimaginative characterisation of the Doctors-- it feels like it was written for a single Doctor (I'm leaning to the Eighth, but even then it is unimaginative) and just added in the other Doctors to make it seem complicated-- and, of course, Nicholas Briggs' wonderful Daleks. I couldn't imagine anybody else but him doing the Daleks any more.

After wonderfully experimental multi-Doctor stories like Zagreus and Project: Lazarus, this being promised as a proper multi-Doctor story like The Three, Five, and Two Doctors just doesn't seem to have the heart of any of them. Sadly.
Review By cafarrer 8/18/10 5:33 pm
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This was my first foray into the Companion Chronicles, so perhaps I am a bit biased in saying how much I loved it. But I did. Not just for Katy Manning's wonderfully soothing voice, but I was genuinely engaged with the story.

I also just happened to listen to it on a foggy, rainy night, and it just felt so right with the tone of the story to be murky and foggy and dark and dreary.

I saw the ending quite a long way away, but I really didn't mind, because it was a fun ride all the same.