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The Time Scales

Reviews By: TardisTreasures

Review By TardisTreasures 5/20/13 4:18 am
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Had potential,spoiled by 2 brats and awful music killing any sense of threat.Plus the fact Star Treks Borg design was ripped off.
Review By TardisTreasures 5/19/13 3:45 pm
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100% pure brilliance.Not one for laughs,but a really riveting story that places Jason and Bernice in real peril.Worth a thousand listens.
Review By TardisTreasures 5/19/13 3:41 pm
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Awful.After the spectacular 'Just War' I was left bemused by this.And a new theme tune here was a real turn off.
Review By TardisTreasures 5/19/13 3:33 pm
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Flawless performances from Colin baker and Nicola Bryant in this Eric saward story set before Trial of The Timelord.This is easy to follow and easy to imagine,and the story itself is ok.I liked Colins dramatic doctor and put downs,and its nice to have an audio adventure like this before he softened into his lovable Doctor figure in the Big Finish audios.
Review By TardisTreasures 5/19/13 2:05 pm
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My Favourite audio story of all time.A bleak and wonderful tale of survival,and isn\'t afraid to take risks.A blockbuster,and one so brilliantly written.Nick Briggs is a genius,and really understands how to write Doctor Who.
Review By TardisTreasures 5/19/13 1:57 pm
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Brilliantly written story,capturing perfectly the feel of the characters of The Doctor,Amy and Rory.The Angels are scary and shows they can have more tricks up their stone sleeves.Steven Moffat take note.