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4.4 - The Mega

"This is a warning. Your aggression cannot go unchecked. The West must disarm. We will make you disarm."

When an assassination follows the first demonstration of a deadly new weapon, it appears that an alien race has fired the opening salvo in a new war – a war… for peace.

But is that truly their intent? The Doctor is unsure. The answer lies deep in the heart of a d... (more)

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Review By traves8853 1/21/16 11:55 am
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
'Power Play' written by Gary Hopkins involves the Doctor being chased by the space police before eventually landing in the middle of an anti-nuclear protest which, old friend and companion, Victoria Waterfield happens to be a chief component of. This invites the inevitable comparisons between this and 'The Green Death'.

Victoria could just as easily have been Polly, Zoe or Dodo; in fact, Zoe might have perhaps made the sudden anti-nuclear interest of the character would have made a bit more sense. Most of the Time Victoria doesn't remember The Doctor or is under the influence of the lizard-like space policemen, so this isn't really the Victoria we remember. Victoria was never a particularly fascinating character anyway. We learn nothing of what the character has been up to or who she is now. The Doctor and Peri are back to their original bickering and sniping at each other pre-'Trial of a Timelord' selves, but outside of the two regulars, the remaining characters are terribly bland.

The music fails to evoke the feel of eighties 'Doctor Who' and the directing is mediocre. The story will leave you paralytic with boredom and lacks any real threat with no deaths or anybody going missing until quite late on; it's all bark and no bite. It also lacks any humour and is totally unengaging.
Review By traves8853 1/18/16 7:38 pm
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
Dark and brooding with tons of macabre detail and tense atmosphere, very dialogue driven and prone to over describing at times, but there are some great characters in this. Also, the idea of Kit Marlowe taking inspiration from this for his play, 'Doctor Faustus' whilst helping an alien invasion is fantastic. Kit Marlowe is depicted as headstrong, egotistical and obsessed. A real anti-hero, who has entered into a pact with the walking corpse, and emissary of the Omnim: Velez. Once again, Peri is reduced to a plot device but when the plot is this good it's hard to complain. The intermittent screeching sound that permeates this is delicious. This story gives us a chance to see SF and black magic mixed together in a way we haven't seen since the Daemons and set in a gritty, rat-infested Elizabethan setting. This could really excel with some visual representation and I would love to see this animated but the pace is glacial at times and it has a resolution that goes BOOM! My point being that the resolution is too simplistic. Yes, it's dreadfully slow but enjoyable none the less.
Review By traves8853 1/16/16 8:48 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
I am always pleasantly surprised by the very long and narrated early adventures in the lost stories range because the ones I have heard so far are usually quite good. 'Masters of Luxor'is no exception to this. Yes, it starts slowly and lacks pace at times but it perfectly captures the ear for me, with perhaps the exception of the music. Having only two of the original four mainstays of the series is a bit of a problem with creating distinct voices for the other two but nothing that hindered narrative. Lisa Bowerman is a fantastic director and I hope Big Finish hold onto her, but I don't think this was one of her finest efforts.

The concept of the egotistical robot god trying to draw life from others was a very good idea and had plenty of religious subtext to it - I do feel it was a shame they didn't keep more of that. On the other hand, I was disappointed by the old confuse the robots to defeat them because they can't handle anything they deem illogical bit, but being the earliest of the Lost Stories range I think this can and should be forgiven. The isolated feel of this story early on was very reminiscent of the early Hartnell era and overall I thought this was a fantastic, if flawed, work.
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