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4.4 - The Mega

"This is a warning. Your aggression cannot go unchecked. The West must disarm. We will make you disarm."

When an assassination follows the first demonstration of a deadly new weapon, it appears that an alien race has fired the opening salvo in a new war – a war… for peace.

But is that truly their intent? The Doctor is unsure. The answer lies deep in the heart of a d... (more)

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Review By komodo 3/12/14 3:49 pm
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Reviewer Says:
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This is quite an epic story, perhaps moreso than the stories of Pertwee's era. For the bulk of it, Jo and the Doctor are seperated from UNIT, so Katy Manning tells one side of the story while Richard Franklin tells the other. The tale is set against the cold war backdrop complete with peace protestors and terrorism. On top of that the alien menace of the Megaenters the scene with promises of helping mankind (apparently this involves killing lots of people.)

Katy Manning does a good 3rd Doctor while Franklin does reasonable voices for the Brigadier and Benton. They are far from perfect, but they are recognisable which is the main thing.

A lot happens in this story and it is far better paced than many of Pertwee's TV episodes were. I found a lot more was happening in this and I do wonder how it would have looked; could the special effects of the time been up to task on this story?

What really got my attention in this was that early on (second episode) the Doctor comes across an old bi-plane and I spent the rest of the story in anticipation of him flying it. Any other Doctor would merely have commented on its historical significance, maybe the romance of flight, but the Third Doctor would have to fly it, and the mental image that projects is beautiful.
Review By PaulaPenguin 2/3/14 7:42 am
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
The Doctor encountering Hecuba, a god-like being living in a fantastical realm of clocks and time is just such a wonderful premise for a story and it is a real shame this one wasn't produced back in the day, as it would have made for a cracking adventure for this particular Tardis team.
There is quite a small cast of actors involved: Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury reprise (of course) their television roles (with Hines also doing his legendary Troughton impression), plus they take it in turns to provide the ongoing narration. Hecuba, the only other character, is played by Caroline Faber, who presents an interesting contrast.
Faber has got a delightfully malicious mad laugh, which is very much suited to Hecuba, but it would have been more effective if she had employed it a little more sparingly. As it is, her laughter does become rather annoying by the end of the story. Still, whenever she is given some meaty dialogue to play (which is actually more often than not) she manages to go from maniacal to angry to flirtatious and back again in the space of ten seconds - and still make it believable.
The plotting is a little uneven in places and some of the story details don't hang together 100%, but I'm willing to largely ignore those flaws, because The Queen of Time displays such a wealth of fantastic ideas (the basic premise) and fantastical images (I'm never going to think of Marie Antoinette in quite the same way).
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable release and one of the highlights of the Lost Stories range. Definitely recommended.
Review By komodo 1/14/14 4:07 pm
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
One of the best lost stories to date. Frazer does the second doctor so well it feels like the original doctor is there.

This is a six part epic, but makes good use of that time. There is no feeling of it dragging as some six parters have.

The story is essentially a Genesis of the Ice Warriors, but here we are seeing Ice Warriors who have not yet developed their code of honor and that makes them a little more interesting as you can see the early seeds of that developing in Aslor. Behind them is a truly evil villain with a tragic story of her own that drives some very dark actions; not for the faint hearted.

Dramatically, this is well put together. The story flows, it builds, it gives you things to think about, it sets up good cliff hangers and then resolves.

The narration/drama style works very well. In some releses, it feels clunky, but here it seems more natural and does not distract the listener. The music fits the era and everything feels authentic. Above all, the acting is supurb; it was well recorded and directed.

In short, only Farewell Great Macedon is a better lost story. Why this wasn't done sooner, I do not know; and if this is an example of how the Early Adventures will sound, then they are looking promising.
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