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1.3 - Test of Nerve

Sarah Jane Smith receives a mysterious gift with a cryptic message. The London Underground will suffer an horrific terrorist attack during rush hour unless Sarah can find and stop those responsible. As rush hour draws closer, the terrifying reality of the threat becomes all too apparent. One friend is murdered and another abducted. Sarah must be willing to sacrifice everyone and everything she hol... (more)

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Review By adamelijah 3/29/15 6:18 am
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
This story bring the second and final season of Big Finish's Sarah Jane Smith to a conclusion.It's a dark story filled with death, sadness, and unpleasantness. This story served as a reminder that doesn't always make for a better story. The first two thirds of this adventure are taken up by people venting about what happened in the first three episodes and Sarah pondering whether to accept an offer to join the first space tourism flight at the behest of a man who is the leader of the white chapter of a cult she accidentally inspired in the 15th century while traveling with the Doctor. She's generally upset with Josh who has killed people who were trying to kill her. To her credit, Josh does perform one of the stupidest acts ever committed in any science fiction or action series ever. However, the biggest sin of this stories s that the real plot or peril of the episode doesn't even start until 2/3 of the way in.

The ending was ambiguous as to leave open the possibility of a Series 3. The main bright spot here is that the only radio series has to be viewed as non-canonical in the Whoniverse since it's very hard to get from the end of Dreamland to the start of the Sarah Jane Adventures TV series. Elizabeth Sladen did her best with the material, but this is a very disappointing end to the Sarah Jane radio series.
Review By adamelijah 3/29/15 6:16 am
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
As with the previous release, "Snow Blind," this Sarah Jane Adventure suffered from not being linked via a box set as the stories really are interlinked. We continue our story of the Scarlet Chapter's battle to bring about a worldwide cataclysm over a prophecy that has Sarah Jane as a herald of the end of days.

The story is well-acted and mostly good on sound effects and has a few good moments, but the conspiracy really starts to become too much as it's almost absurd in its intricacy. Sarah Jane is weak towards the end as she struggles with the possibility that she may really be responsible for this via her involvement with the Doctor.

Overall, there were some good ideas, but it gets too convoluted and worse yet ends unresolved as to what even happens at the end of the story.
Review By adamelijah 3/28/15 6:31 am
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
The second story of this four part arc of Sarah Jane Smith, at first glance, seems to have very little to do with what happened in the previous story. However, the connection is made belatedly at the end.

This is is a typical adventure tale. Its enjoyable as Sarah Jane plunges into a mystery surrounding a station at Antarctica including its paranoid director. The action and sound direction are good and the story hits all the right notes, but there's nothing in here that's outstanding. Still, it does its job and drops a nice hint for the third story in the series.
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