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Reviewed By: newt5996 on 2/27/15 8:14 pm
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Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
Before I get into this, go and give this story a listen because it is perfect. Robert Shearman is a writer who knows how to write for Doctor Who and knows how to get emotions from his audience so I really can only say buy it and listen, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed By: kenrwill on 2/27/15 12:49 am
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Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
Zagreus is one of of the most confusing and convoluted stories of all time yet you can't quite turn away. It's one of those stories where the story itself isn't good but there are certain parts in it that shine. What keeps bringing me back and listening to this, isn't the story or the plot, it's the acting. Everyone ( and I do mean EVERYONE) brings their A game into this piece, even Peter Davison does the best acting of his career in this story and Nicholas Courtney playing the tardis is perfect. Everyone is amazingly talented in this piece, but none so more than Paul and India. It has been a long road for them, and the fact that their relationship has now transcended friendship into love is at first odd, but then you just accept it and embrace it and root for it and then it....doesn't quite happen, but that's another story.

What was the best part? Not being able to tell if Paul was Zagreus or the doctor? Brigadier turning EVIL on everyone? Sylvester, Peter, Colin all running away from a monster? Leela's death...oh dear god Leela's "death" was possibly one of the most hilarious moments in all the series. the 8th doctor meeting the other doctor's in the afterlife. However, I think the most powerful moment of all, was when Charlie stabbed 8. it was heartbreaking listening to her realizing that the doctor could never love her the way she did.

honestly Zagreus is a hot mess, theres so much going on that if you lose concentration on the story for one moment you will be lost. but honestly even if you do pay attention you'll still be lost. but it is a good listen to the second time. then just fast forward to all of the parts that i mentioned, because everything else is convoluted science mumbo jumbo.
Reviewed By: kenrwill on 2/27/15 12:31 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
I have been constantly disappointed with the fourth doctor adventures, it could be because they are very short, just just not as interesting. Perhaps its just a simple matter of high expectations. Tom was considered the best of all doctors, still is for some, sadly the lack luster fourth doctor adventures have at best been only mildly interesting.

This story however is a great relief and finally does the Fourth Doctor right. the soundtrack, romana & k9, tom's witty remarks. the atmosphere, everything you could possibly want. this is probably as close we are to getting a true fourth doctor episode. and lets give a round of applause to the orgons!!! Long since forgotten doctor who henchmen. The play upon their stupidity is actually amusing. most cases these gags could have been unbearable, but in this case it works well.

My one hope is that they can dig up Roberts to write more 4th doctor adventures, because it's so refreshing to have someone get it right for a change!! Thank you big finish! you earned your money on this one!
Reviewed By: kenrwill on 2/27/15 12:21 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
If this doesn't make you fall in love with the 6th doctor, nothing will. This is possibly the funniest story doctor who has ever done, certainly one of the best BF has written. everyone shines in this story, but none more than Colin. From the beginning pretending to be an evil mastermind villain to the end pretending to be the false doctor. this story has it all. If you had to listen to just one doctor who book, this one should be it.
Reviewed By: komodo on 2/26/15 4:35 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
A claustrophobic thriller. Snowblind takes a small cast in an isolated location to create a "who-dun-it".

Added to this, is the effect of snow blindness. For a good part of the story, Sarah loses her vision which fits perfectly with the audio medium as hse becomes as dependant on sounds as we the listener are.

I am not particularly fond of the supporting characters (Josh and Will) and would rather hear the Bannerman Rd crew, but the drama and the quality of the acting lift the story.
Reviewed By: kfb2014 on 2/26/15 4:27 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Lurkers is a novel story, but has reminders to myself of a couple of other Who stories that are based around Arctic/Alaskan or general merriment, and to be fair the quality of the acting outweighs the story here. It isn't bad far from it, it just this is one of those stories that you if you listen to the first twenty minutes and you are a Who fan you are going to peace together the crux of what is going on here fairly quickly. In saying that you might think that l didn't enjoy this, far from it, what really gives the story gravitas is the depth and quality of the acting within. We have not only McCoy on form and Sophie Aldred but Micheal Brandon is guesting in this episode, I do like the characterisation of the main alien in this, which Micheal nails to a tee, ranging from calm, thoughtful word-smith to manic distressed alien who is tortured by the imposed prison that he is living in. There are quite a lot of symbolic references in this, in relation to the alien not wanting to be in the situation he finds itself and the tale of the Doctor who the way that Mccoy plays him also is a tortued soul mainly by his past actions.
Reviewed By: newt5996 on 2/26/15 3:46 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Oh how this story should fail as a story. Mark Gatiss's Invaders from Mars takes the famous War of the Worlds broadcast in 1938 and makes it so aliens really did invade the Earth that night. An obvious plot for a science fiction story, but as a Doctor Who story it is simply average if the plot was just that. Luckily Gatiss thinks to add a plot about gangsters, Soviet spies and the atomic bomb. Gatiss also uses his comedy skills to make the two aliens some of the funniest pieces of the story. Simon Pegg's Don "The Phantom" Chaney is a great gangster and John Arthur's Cosmo Devine (who on an aside reminds me of Doctor Who superfan Ian Levine) is hilariously camp. The story is really just a story to listen to and have a good time.
Reviewed By: kfb2014 on 2/26/15 3:10 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
This l stand corrected is a wonderfully way to end the release, with this a well above average story, Peter's extended parts, convey both anxiety, panic and a building fear, when he starts to explain the curse that is associated with a film, as the premises of a group of actors meeting up to provide a DVD extra commentary, Peter explains that the film is a vehicle of an alien entity called the Rash who enter into your conscious and then fester. The whole episode plays out like a Miss Marple, but a lot more intense and there is a driving horror to the proceedings. In fact best to listen with lights on to this one. Very good, and one that really has you on the edge of your seat. Fab stuff. This gets my - Definitely Saturday teatime from your childhood vote.