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Reviewed By: newt5996 on 5/25/15 10:05 am
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Two Doctors is arguably one of the best Season 22 has to offer. Not only is it written by Robert Holmes, one of Doctor Who's greatest writers, but it also sees the return of Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines as the Second Doctor and Jamie respectively. Troughton and Hines have not lost any of the chemistry they had when they started working together back in the 1960s. Colin Baker also gets to have great fun with Frazer Hines' Jamie and has great chemistry with Troughton's Doctor.

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant also have great chemistry together while still finding time to bicker about fishing. The script is also quite funny with several Holmesian double acts including Oscar and Anita, Stike and Varl, Two and Jamie, Six and Peri, and Shockeye, Chessene ad Dastari.

The Androgums as a species are extremely fleshed out and have an interesting culture and Jacqueline Pearce is extremely menacing as Chessene. Dastari as the genius who fell is also great fun to watch in the subtle moments that flesh out a rather one note character. Even the direction by Peter Moffat is tolerable.

Sadly this story has a few problems that don't allow it to be a classic story. Holmes employs the 4 to 2 plot structure, where four parts of a six part story are one plot and there is a shift for the other two parts. Sadly that doesn't work as well with the 45 minute episodes and it feels kind of rushed in places. Also Oscar is killed off unnecessarily and although it is sad, it could have been cut out without losing anything. Part Three is really where the story falls from grace stopping it from being a classic
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 5/25/15 6:25 am
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Evil One isn't a bad story but it is deeply flawed. The gathering of the Doctor, Leela, and Geoffrey Beevers as the Master can pay great benefits as could be seen in the Series 1 story, the Oseidon Adventure and the first two parter of Series 4 with the Requiem for the Rocket Men. However, this story suffers from plot contrivances and some very weak dialogue.

I had a mixed feeling on how the Master brought Leela under his control. In the Oseidon Adventure she'd been unsusceptible to his typical hypnosis, but here he takes a different tact, manipulating here over her guilt over the death of her father and penetrating into the depths of the TARDIS. On one hand, it's nice to have the Master using a variety of mental control, and having some work and others don't. On the other, the story doesn't acknowledge the Master's earlier failed efforts, and the Master reaching into the TARDIS to mind control was something that the Master would later do on Kamelion.

Also, the Solonu are voiced by Nick Briggs and they do really sound like wannabe Daleks.

I did like the idea of the Master basically transforming her entire life with the Sevreteen into a myth, with the true that she was the Evil One. The emotional core of the story was solid. The idea of Leela's blaming herself for her father's death and her feelings about him are powerful. The final scene is very moving as well as she deals with that. It's too bad the better elements were buried in an otherwise forgettable story.

Reviewed By: JavierSeventhFan on 5/25/15 4:54 am
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
-I still got our little triumph from the lab. Yours and mine , Doctor. How do you think the Thames will look when it runs red with dead?

You know, normally i am quite skeptical when you put the words -vampire- and -twilight- on the same plot (if you know what i mean...) But this was so good and dark. A couple of weeks back, when i finished the 2015 Novel Adaptation -Damaged Goods-, i heard about the legendary war between the Vampires and The Time Lords, so its nice that Big Finish gives it long term continuity.

After, listening to Cassies backstory and what happens to her here...To be honest; its a bit f***** up... I do not recall right now a Doctor Who character that goes through so much physical and emotional pain in such a short time. There can be a lot of things worse than death...Rosie Cavaliero delivers an A+ performance here.

The Doctor is frustrated and angry after the mistake he made because his -doctor, here to help- attitude made him blind. Evelyn plays the mother role; the person who is there for you and tell you that everything will be all right.

In comes Nimrod: half Dr. Frankestein, half Van Helsing, a mysterious man, haunted by his past whose hunting down the horrible creatures he created to help the British Empire win World War I: For King and Country. And we havent seen the last of him...And Amelia & Reggie The Gent, normal people turned into sadistic monters full of hatred by the hands of other human beings.

Great start to The Forge arc with consistency on its slow pace and an amazing cast. However, at the end of it, to me it felt too short and rushed and gave me the impression that it needed another 20-30 minutes (they actually skip major explanations about The Forge organisation): 8/10.

...and you might hear for the first time a certain song about about a certain name... (Zagreus lives inside your head...)

And all bets are off...until -Project: Lazarus- at least...
Reviewed By: jdhall1971 on 5/25/15 2:18 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Doesn't maintain the excellence of what has gone before. The Lovecraft part is cranked up too high and the story doesn't make sense in places, even after several listens. I'm afraid to say that I got bored and didn't care what happened...
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 5/24/15 9:58 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Doctor battles in evil Circus on a strange world in a story featuring a werewolf, a pompous evil explorer, and crazy clowns.

There's so much to enjoy in this story. It has superb atmosphere, particularly during the circus scenes. It takes Ace, one of the Doctor's most courageous companions and put her in touch with something that terrifies her. In this case, evil clowns. The characters are wonderful and memorable. Given that this was almost scrapped, it's a surprising tour de force. And the scene with McCoy casually strolling away from the climatic explosion was wonderfully iconic.

If I had any complaint, it's that many of the cliffhangers in this seemed weak. Overall though, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it shows the resurgence of quality in the Classic's show's waning years.
Reviewed By: newt5996 on 5/24/15 5:16 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
So Pip and Jane Baker have their stories criticizes for being bad, but their first Doctor Who outing, while not very good, is by no means bad and has a lot to like about it.

Colin Baker has mellowed a lot since his turbulent first appearance in the Twin Dilemma and although he still bickers with Peri, he and Nicola Bryant act more like good old friends than enemies. Kate O'Mara is also great as the titular Rani, an exiled Time Lady chemist who has come to Earth to extract chemicals from humans during the Luddite revolts near the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. O'Mara works great as a villain in her first appearance and works great with Anthony Ainley's Master who is also having a ball. Their fate at the end always brings a smile to my lips for the sheer insanity of it. Even the supporting cast is enjoyable and the direction is great and is a real shame that Sarah Hellings was never brought back to direct for Doctor Who again. The set design looks great as well, especially the Rani's TARDIS which everyone agrees is one of the best designed TARDIS's.

Sadly there are some major problems with the story that cause it to go from a good story to an average story. The time the story is set (1820s) in is too late to take place during the Luddite revolts (1811-1816). This is really a problem because the timing of the revolts played a big part in why they took place. Also although Part One sets up the story really well, Part Two destroys any sense of realism the story had before. It isn't the fact that the Rani has T-Rex embryos, but that she has land mines that turn people into trees. This takes you right out of the story and brings the score down.
Reviewed By: JavierSeventhFan on 5/24/15 6:55 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
This is the second story in the Locum Doctors trilogy and according to what they say in some scenes it takes place between the TV stories The Space Pirates and The War Games; plus we get a lot of mentions and references of this episodes and others such as The Wheel in Space or The Invasion. First of all, id like to adress the fact that this (at least to me) did feel like a story of the Troughton Space Hobo era.

Ok; so Part 1 was really interesting, because of the mistery of the gigantic Cyberhead but mainly because of second Doctor swap of the trilogy we have between Six and Two. And let me tell you; the chemistry between Colin and Frazer (not just part 1, but the whole audio) is both tremendous and provides some hilarious scenes and dialogue. The -you are not my Doctor- deal is much more fun between 6 and Jamie than 7th and Jo IMO; with Wendy Padburys performance as the genius and sweet astrophysicist Zoe Heriot, being another highlight of the CD.

Now we get to parts 2 and 3 and this is where i have a bit of a problem with because it seemed exactly like Alan Barnes was redoing Toomb of the Cybermen all over again: we got Cybermats and Cybermen popping all over the place, a human crew investigating a Cybermen related location with gates opened by Logic equations and baddie Logician human who wants to take control over the Cybermen in order to achive his own goals to make the Earth and the human race more...well,logic. Maybe this was his way to pay a small tribute to the Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis epic story; but it just felt less original to me...Anyway, theres more great character interaction here because of a very effective supporting cast (gotta admit, at that time i felt sad for Captain Frank and Lanky s fate) and more importantly we finally know were The Doctor got those sick martial art skills that 3 like to pull off so often: Venusian Karate, ladies and gentleman!

Finally, Part 4 was for sure the best thing in the entire audio for me, when we get a very paradoxy timey wimey resolution that made a perfect full circle for the entire story, related to the final day of the CyberWar in Telos and giving some smarts twists regarding the secondary characters in the present day. Actually, after listening to it, the hour and a half behind it made a hell of a lot more sense. And once again, the translocated Doctor leaves and his former companions do not remember him being there on the first place. But the events of his timeline sure have changed...

Maybe cause of that part in the middle at first i would have rated this equally as i did with The Defectors; but, without it being the greatest thing since slice bread, however i would put this ending above the last one; so ill give it a little bit more value. It is still a lot of fun once again from the characters side. And i guess that we´ll see next month what is the explanation and who is behind all of this Misplaced Doctors bussiness. Personally, i cannot wait for June to find out!
Reviewed By: JavierSeventhFan on 5/24/15 6:13 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
First of all i must say i like Alan Barnes (Main Range Script Editor) Doctor mistery swap idea and i cannot wait to get the next two (199 and 200) to find out about what the hell is going on in the Doctors timeline. With that said...

I loved the first two parts with that sort of Island of Mistery idea and weird things happening. Actually my favourite all time book its And then there were none; by Agatha Christie and i also loved the Shutter Island movie. You can sense at atmosphere filled with questions on the first hour.

As far as the final 2 go; well it was a pretty good resolution...nothing epic. Just the typical stranded spaceship story with the human race can be very cruel touch. However, i did enjoyed the whole TARDIS vs Alien Race dilemma at the end with the ultimate decision that Jo made. Probably the best thing of the story was the acting and the character interactions(even though Richard Franklin plays only a small role with a few scenes), like 7th and Jo or Jo and Shedgerton.

In terms of the trilogy arc; they do not explain practically nothing about the 7th doctor being there; they only drop that he might be there to change something he once did in a different way. I heard some complains and reviews before, about it not being a 3rd Doctor era story, but a 7th era one with Jo Grant. If i take under consideration the whole military enviroment for the whole 2 hours, ill have to disagree. Maybe it is because of the slower pace with him not shooting weapons or doing judo keys and roundhouse kicks with tons of explosions. I do not know; everyone is entitled to an opinnion.

Overall, solid,fun and entertaining audio: 7/10 (It still made me miss my dear Brigadier...)