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Reviewed By: Patrick McGann on 4/18/15 4:31 pm
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I really liked this story. I really wanted to give it a ten but the ending was such a cop-out. ...and everyone was saved by the power of friendship. The End. The Scourge are one of my favorite Doctor Who villains ever and the plot twists and part endings were incredible. Overall I really liked this story. If I could make on complaint besides the ending, it would be that the characters were hard to distinguish. Their voices sounded the same and there were two people named Michael.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 3:58 pm
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The Wormery finds a companionless Sixth Doctor arriving at a cabaraet on a Nexus. However, this isn't any normal cabaret. It's one bar but with many entrances across the universe. It's a place of shadows and worms. And it's there the Sixth Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme who says she's on a mission, a mission she hears instructions by being get drunk.

This has all the hallmarks of a good Paul Magrs story. The writing seemlessly mixes comedic moments with high concept Science Fiction. The chemistry between Colin Baker and Katy Manning is superb, and the plot is interesting and multi-faceted with a good solution. The story is set shortly after Trial of the Time Lord and there is one element that can seem a little derivative, but the Doctor's reaction to it is priceless and pushes that thought inside including the immortal line, "‘Who ever heard of a diabolical denouement taking place in a patisserie!’"

The Soundscape is wonderful as you really can hear the atmosphere of Bianca's. It comes to life. Overall, this story was a treat to listen to.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 2:00 pm
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Time and the Rani is an inexplicable story. There's so much bad about it. The plot is bad, the effects are awful, the music is bad and totally undermines the tone of the scenes. Worst yet, Mel is transformed from that tough and clever gal we met in the Vervoid story to a character who screams constantly.

What was good? The Doctor had a few promising moments and comes off as fairly likable, even if his level of competence is a bit off. I also tip my hat to Kate O'Meara who does the best she can with the role of the Rani, but there's not a whole lot to do with the script given her. Overall, this is a weak first outing for the Seventh Doctor and one of the show's worst stories.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 6:27 am
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This story once again features the late Caroline John reprising her role as Liz Shaw for an Adventure with the Third Doctor..this one set after her time with Unit has ended as they are blown forward in time where they encounter an extreme political organization bent on world domination.

The story has good moments and is by no means bad or boring, but also isn't anything all that special with a concept that's been done to death. Still, there are some nice moments. Including the third Doctor with high performance vehicles always makes for an enjoyable story.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 6:24 am
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Everyone on Earth has received notice that they're entering a time controlled by aliens who expect to be paid a toll. The First/Second Doctor's companion Polly goes to a meeting of some people, some of whom know something about the Doctor and explains what's going on as she tells a tale about the Doctor, Jamie, Ben, and herself encountering aliens who naturally moved through time.

Unlike other Companion Chronicles, the story ends up allowing both Polly and Jamie (Frasier Hines) to narrate through the device of Jamie having been given a tape recorder. The whole plot is high concept stuff and when you get to the end it's also fairly clever. Where the story suffers, though is a weak first half that's pretty much the Doctor and companions running around and a very weak framing story that features one of the weakest "cliffhangers" in Doctor Who history, which is just Polly suggesting every take a break before she finishes the story. That plus the way the framing story ends is just a little silly as it makes this meeting seem pointless. Though, in Forbidden Time's defense, most meetings are.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 6:20 am
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Water of Mars finds the Doctor arriving in 2059 on the day that the inhabitants of the first Martian station perished and he wants to leave as he can't change what happens as it's a fixed point in history. However, the base's commander, Adeline Brooks is suspicious and won't let him leave. The Doctor stays and discovers what happened to the base and its crew.

In terms of science fiction and time travel, this is just an amazing story.
The acting of Tennant holds this together as it examines that question of the rules of time travel and if they should ever be broken. And we find out what happens when the Doctor gets tired of keeping the rules. The final scene is absolutely chilling and one of the most perfectly performed scenes in the new series.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/18/15 6:16 am
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Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Doctor and a bus full of people are transported to a desert planet covered with sand. The fate of Earth is at stake but the Doctor has to find out how with the help of an aristocratic jewel thief. It also features UNIT and some bizarre alien creatures. Overall, while the story wasn't anything truly special, it was a fun action adventure story done with good effects, and some funny moments too.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 4/17/15 4:50 am
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Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
The Blue Forgotten Planet represents the curtain call for Charlotte Pollard as the sixth doctor's companion. Mila had taken over Chaley's identity and impersonated and was able to do this due to the secret that Charley herself was keeping from the Doctor namely that she was a companion of the Doctor's future self. This serial brings the whole story to a great conclusion.

There's a good deal of suspense surrounding a plague of madness infesting the Earth as well as what the interests of the Viyrans are in Earth and the Blue Forgotten Planet project. There's also a bit of Dark Comedy around the Viyrans that serves as a great illustration of people who don't understand the idea of tradeoffs.

The highlight is the inevitable end of the journey and its handled splendidly. India Fisher is great as both Charley and Mila Charley. The character of Charley shows great personal growth as the story comes to its bittersweet end.

Colin Baker turns in another great performance as the Doctor with a wide-ranging performance. The final scene between Baker and Fisher is superb as is the last scene of the story which in a very low key way expresses all the emotion that this series has built.