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Reviewed By: adamelijah on 7/7/15 6:47 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
Vault of Osiris is a great adventure story focusing on Benny and Ace trying to unravel the mystery of the Doctor's seeming death which both witnessed-albeit at different points in history. The story manages to have a contemporary feel with its focus on the looting of Egypt's treasures in the wake of the Arab spring. Like the previous installment, the story does have an Indiana Jones feel, though in a more globe trotting adventure sort of way. Overall, just a wonderful second installment.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 7/6/15 6:40 pm
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
This felt far more like a series finale rather than the typical Doctor Who Christmas special. Last Christmas takes an incredibly difficult task and pulls it off: including Santa Claus in the story without the story going completely off the rails. The Episode succeeds beautifully. Last Christmas manages to mix in a little bit of horror, a bit of comedy, and the character drama between Clara and the Doctor that has really worked so well throughout the Eighth Series.

Superb performances make this work. Nick Frost is great as Santa, making his role believable and bringing the perfect mix of humor and seriousness to the role. And then there's Jenna Louise Coleman and especially Peter Capaldi who continue to be one of the most impressive acting duo to play Companion and Doctor. Capaldi's performance was superb as this story really seemed to mark a shift in the twelfth Doctor. The Big Smile we see late in the episode when it comes across the face of what has been one of the most grumpy Doctors in Doctor Who history. While I love the audio medium, Capaldi and Coleman show the advantage Television and Movies can have but, so rarely do. With these the facial expressions, hugs, and gestures speak volumes because they do them so well.

The plot has been done before and yes "Amy's Choice" was somewhat better in the way they dealt with dreams, but I think that "Last Christmas" manages to do something very different with all the elements it has. The plot has logical holes, but unlike many Steven Moffat stories, there's a lot that can be forgiven because of the "dream" portion of the story. Some of it, particularly the ending are left up for interpretation. The rest of the guest cast is servicable but not really outstanding.

Still, I think it was a wonderful special. It managed to tell a good story, be relevant to the ongoing series, and leave people with some thoughts to ponder and how life is too short for lies and unforgiveness.

Reviewed By: kfb2014 on 7/6/15 10:54 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
This has the hallmarks, of have we been here before, we have a Doctor, and, then we have Romans, and we have a struggle for one society to out win another, due, in part to the way that he has arrived slap bang in the middle of a huge part of history that changed society for ever. So no messing around Doctor. However this I am afraid feels and comes across especially early on as wordy and slow, and tired. Dr teaching about the western and eastern Roman empire. I felt like I was back in a 8th year history. Peter, although his telling of this period of time is shall we say enthusiastic it still does not sell it. Also drama that relies on authentic roman names starts to sounds like a heavily pastiche version of a Carry On Film, I was expecting to hear the character Bigus Dickus pop up at some point. Although the introduction as we have had over the last couple of adventure's of the Doctor being cast into his own timeline and with the respective companions is a nice touch, I get the feeling that when they where making the decision of which Dr with which companion then they somehow managed to get this pairing mix muddled some what.

What does not help is that we have an actor who sounds to all intense and purposes like Graham Gardner (the Goodies) and coupled with Lysette Anthony a childhood crush of mine, gets lost in the whole proceedings due to my preoccupation. I read Eddie's additional notes about his thinking on this particular instalment, and his love of Doctor 1 and all thing Hartnell. For that mere four paragraphs alone it told me more about what was going on in the writers mind which bought this story around for me
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 7/5/15 2:11 pm
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
An interesting concept as Zelda's "Time Lord" splits a Hawkeye and part of a Terrahawk ship in half, so that Hawkeye can be interrogated without the Terrahawks knowing he's missing, though things quickly go wrong.

However, the story quickly peters out. I'm not certain whether they needed a longer length for the story or if they just needed to do more with it. The whole resolution ends up being settled by the fact that Youngstar's an idiot, but that's build into the story.

Still, I liked the Transylvanian "Time Lord" character and Ninestein has never been more likable. Given that Ninestein proposes letting a bomb wipe out his entire team, that says something about Ninestein in general.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 7/5/15 6:50 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
This episode is a great kick-off as it begins with Bernice in a Pyramid on Mars as she discovers the Doctor is the servant of Sutekh who kills off her guide.

It's a bit of a sequel to, "Pyramids of Mars" and there's a big opportunity to fill a deficiency in that classic story. Because as great as, "Pyramids of Mars" is, about eighty percent of the story is an English country estate rather than in a pyramid on mars. Here, we get a real chance to explore the Pyramid and the whole thing has a Sci Fi Indiana Jones feel to it.

As a listener who has heard very few Bernice Summerfield stories, I found this easy to follow. The only continuity from past stories was that one of the guardians of the tomb took on the voice of her dead husband, Jason. While I'd never heard an audio with Jason Kane, that really wasn't a hindrance.

Overall, a very strong start.
Reviewed By: adamelijah on 7/4/15 3:51 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Destroy the Infinite features the Doctor's first encounter with the Eminence from his perspective. Having already heard Dark Eyes 2-4 where so much of the secrets of the Eminence were revealed, this story held relatively few surprises for me. Still, I did like what it did. It managed to keep its secrets close to the vest and build a sense of mystery.

I also have to say that I preferred the "Breath of Forever" to what we scene where a living man becomes an infinite Warrior over what we heard in Dark Eyes 3. It was more horrific because in this story, the converted is someone who is secretly an enemy and is scared for his family. That gives the story an added sense of horror.

This story didn't give Tom Baker great material, but did a good job with playing to Leela's strengths. The way Leela talks about the Doctor is interesting and does tie in a bit to, "The Evil One" with her views of the Doctor feeling like she reveres him as a substitute father even though she doesn't understand him.

There are a few nice speeches in the end and I like the idea of working in a tribute to war movie. Overall, one of Briggs' best Fourth Doctor stories.
Reviewed By: kfb2014 on 7/4/15 12:23 pm
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The 6th gets a chance to dance with Jamie and Zoe, there is a reason why the 6th Doctor as been sent, more to do with method that he will deal with the last of the Cybermen, as opposed to his other incarnation. We are quickly involved in the action when the two companions on seeing the "new Doctor" don't too kindly to his arrival, it takes a while for Jamie at least to appreciate that it is the Doctor. By which time we are immersed in a scheme by earth scientist who on the face of it are capturing Cyber technology in order for the preservation for future generations, however nothing could be further from the truth. They say that power corrupts and it certainly does in this adventure. Zennox a scientist from earth is besotted with the idea merging Cyber technology with human kind, Zennox is intent on utilising Zoe intellect to further her course, and, when she couples her to the cybermat to create the ability for a host army of Cyber army so that the beacon can send to 10,000 waiting Cybermen. The Doctor is forced to try and send a message back to the Time Lords, will it all be too late.

This is a wonderful mix up of old and new, and it is also lovely to see the newer Doctor with an older companion, the mix is really rather good. Jamie and Zoe make wonderful additions to No.6's list of assistance. This is a cracking story to boot as well, Alan Barnes as really pulled out all the stops with this release, and it makes for a cracking listen. With this the penultimate release before the Main Range hits 200, this is I feel as raised the bar again for the Main Range releases.
Reviewed By: newt5996 on 7/3/15 3:47 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
The Council of Nicaea is a story highly inspired by The Aztecs in terms of message and pacing. The focus of the story is on Erimem who being from Ancient Egypt doesn't know anything about Christianity, but takes on the role of Barbara Wright because of a sense of justice she has towards the persecution of heretic Arius who is portrayed as a conflicted and persecuted man here. Before I go any farther a little background.

The Council of Nicaea was the first ecumenical council, called to clarify the nature of Jesus Christ, being both human and divine, and to stop the spread of Arianism. Arianism was a heresy started by Arius, bishop of Alexandria, that tried to state that Jesus Christ was only pretending to be a human being which goes against Catholic doctrine. The Council of Nicaea saw Arius's excommunication and is important in history because it saw the Church use its authority for the first time and clarify doctrine.

The portrayal of historical characters here is hit spot on with a key point being that history was written by the victors and here the play tries to be historically accurate. The drama between the Doctor and Erimem is also amazing and makes the story one of the best especially after the previous two to feature Erimem have been so lackluster.