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7.9 - The Scorchies

The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens that look like puppets!

The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes. Though not necessarily in that order...

With Jo caught inside The Scorchies Show, can she save the day before the planet Earth falls victim to the dark side of light entertainment?
Katy Manning (Jo Grant/Scorchies), Melvyn Hayes (Scorchies)
Written By
Directed By
Ken Bentley


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Rated 10/10 on 7/20/14 4:12 am
Rated 3/10 on 7/14/14 10:10 pm
Rated 8/10 on 6/30/14 7:55 am
Rated 9/10 on 6/27/14 7:46 am
Rated 7/10 on 5/28/14 3:52 pm
Rated 9/10 on 5/9/14 1:24 pm
Rated 8/10 on 4/27/14 6:26 am
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Review By mrpiepants
Rated 10/10 on 11/19/13 2:56 pm
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simpily one of the best big finish realeses though completely bonkers
Review By carl05
Rated 10/10 on 11/4/13 9:10 am
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Well, this is one of the most unusual and fantastic episodes of Doctor Who I've ever experienced in any format, even taking into account that the Companion Chronicles do push the boat out much of the time anyway. In fact the first few minutes lights up and then, to be honest, it never lets up. Superb all the way through, and deeply sinister.
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Review By chris606
Rated 10/10 on 3/7/13 6:04 pm
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Great fun and wonderfully bizarre. Loved it.
Review By JMChurch25
Rated 9/10 on 3/19/13 12:12 pm
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A wonderfully creative and bizarre story with evil puppets trying to take over the world? In the wrong hands, this could've been disastrous.....but it's done wonderfully. Katy Manning has always been a fantastic actress, but she completely outdoes herself here and sells the story and most of the characters. Worth multiple listens just for how bonkers it gets. I would give it out 10/10 if not for the songs being stuck in my head for DAYS afterwards....but so worth it!
Review By Mark Trewren
Rated 9/10 on 3/16/13 7:14 am
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This could have been truly awful; puppets? Melvyn Hayes? Songs? WTF! Thankfully however, it\'s a brilliant if a bit odball story that hits all the right notes and the songs are terrific. Laughed my socks off listening to it and so did my 10 year old daughter whose smuggled the disc into her room for repeated listening.
Special mention to both Katie Manning and Melvyn Hayes for lifting this above the inconsequential and creating something of a cult classic.
Review By PaulaPenguin
Rated 9/10 on 3/13/13 10:32 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Alien puppets trying to take over the world with a light entertainment programme and catchy showtunes to underscore this evil plan - what more could you possibly want? The Scorchies is completely bonkers, genuinely imaginative and great fun to listen to. The performances of Katy Manning and Melvyn Hayes are captivating and they both really sell the story. But be warned: the songs will be on a constant loop in your head for days!
Review By SkyTwo
Rated 5/10 on 8/21/13 7:52 pm
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Eager as I was to hear this, with that irresistible premise, I wound up feeling pretty disappointed. To me it just felt like the whole thing began and ended with the clever premise. A fair chunk of the run time is eaten up with songs that could've been Roald Dahl dark, South Park satirical, or at the very least sort of catchy. But the lyrics didn't really go beyond repetitive exposition. There's no story to speak of, and the denouement feels pretty tacked on. It has its moments, but still feels like a wasted opportunity. Still, it WAS a nice premise.
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