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An alien fleet stands poised to invade Federation space. The only vessel available to hold it back is the Liberator, commanded by Roj Blake and his crew.

As an intergalactic war breaks out, old enemies become allies, and friends will become separated.

And Blake will be forced to leave behind all that matters to him...
Gareth Thomas (Roj Blake), Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Jan Chappell (Cally), Sally Knyvette (Jenna Stannis), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Alistair Lock (Zen/Orac)
Written By
Directed By
Ken Bentley


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Review By komodo
Rated 8/10 on 1/29/13 9:48 pm
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I have always felt the transition from series 2 to 3 to be somewhat forced. There is a whole galactic war that just gets glossed over and this story sets out to bring that point in time to life.

I enjoyed it, but I wasn't worried about that particular missing battle, so I never felt I needed to hear the story.

For the reunion of the cast though it is all worth it and the story is written to give all of them a part. This would be a challenge for a writer to make use of so many characters in a balanced way and I don't see this as being sustainable, but I will be happy to purchase and listen to any future B7 full cast stories. I guess the problem is that the characters each have a small part so it lacks the fucos of the chronicles style of story telling.

My only other bugbear in this was that it was a story that had to work towards a partuclar ending. We know from the start that Blake and Jenna will leave by the end (This is not a spoiler) and so as a listener I was more focused on hearing how they got to the right point rather than just listening to a new story.

The big plus though was that we got to hear the Liberator in pitch battle. We got to hear the federation answering the call to arms. We got to hear Avon take command and Blake try to keep him under control.
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