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7.4 - The Last Post

People are dying. Just a few, over a period of months... but the strange thing is that each person received a letter predicting the date and time of their death.

Throughout her time as the Doctor’s assistant, Liz Shaw has been documenting these passings.

Her investigation ultimately uncovers a threat that could lead to the end of the world, but this time Liz has someone to help her.

Her mother.
Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Rowena Cooper (Emily Shaw)
Written By
Directed By
Lisa Bowerman


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Rated 10/10 on 7/20/14 4:12 am
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Review By SkyTwo
Rated 10/10 on 5/21/13 1:18 am
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Writing this in the form of an epistolary novel was an inspired choice, and we get two strong performances in the characters Liz Shaw and her mother Emily. This approach permits a fun way around the unavoidable absence of the Doctor, and it's great fun to see a 'mature woman' so taken with the dashing middle-aged swashbuckler. John's contributions will be sorely missed, but she really brought her A-game in the Companion Chronicles work and shows what a tremendous (and neglected) character we had in Liz Shaw.
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Review By chris606
Rated 10/10 on 1/19/13 2:29 pm
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The story is very good but the mother/daughter relationship steals this show.
Review By komodo
Rated 10/10 on 11/1/12 6:42 pm
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I think this was the best companion chronicle of the year. I was looking forward to it even before Caroline John passed away, but the knowledge that this was her last story added some anticipation to that.

There are two things that make Liz Shaw special: First she did not travel in the TARDIS and second she was highly intelligent and qualified in her own right. These two factors made her a less successful companion on TV and yet open the door for some very good companion chronicles of which this is the best.

The story spans the entire 7th season, making reference to each episode in turn while telling a story that is strong in its own right.

A big strength of the story is that it is Liz who investigates and solves everything with the Doctor having a very small, yet critical part.

The other strength is Rowena Cooper who plays Emily Shaw. The character is so well portrayed and defined that she could easily do a companion chronicle on her own to tell another Liz Shaw story.

The cliff hanger at the end of episode 1, along with its resolution is perhaps the best I have heard all year. Honestly I cannot say enough about this one and will only add that it is a great shame its planned sequel will never be made.
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Review By QuartzLight
Rated 7/10 on 3/29/13 4:39 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
I really enjoyed this story, but for me it had a few let-downs. If I was just rating the first episode of this story it would definitely be a 10. The first half is really suspenseful and exciting. However I found that towards the end, it all seemed a bit of silly and stupid ending. I still love it and I think I'll listen to it again, but if the second half turned out different then this would definitely be a 10/10.