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23. The House By The Sea

"Collinsport, it seems quiet. But it's like it's waiting for something to happen. Something bad."

Gerald Conway has come to Collinsport in pursuit of a dream. For the last few months, he's been haunted by visions of the House By The Sea.

Now Gerald is staying at the House, he's beginning to uncover its dark past. Warlocks, vampires and murderers have all come here looking for something – and they've all died. What dark secret of the Collins family is hidden there?

Something terrible is waiting under the House By The Sea. Waiting for Gerald...
Colin Baker (Gerald Conway), James Unsworth (Caretaker), David Johnson (Shadow)
Written By
Directed By
Joseph Lidster


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Review By Gcookscotland
Rated 10/10 on 5/11/13 12:14 am
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Mr Conway takes a vacation in a house he keep having recuring dreams about. Very creepy and fun. Dark shadows are very quickly moving up my list of favourite series. Colin Baker as usual is brilliant.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Review By chris606
Rated 10/10 on 1/19/13 2:46 pm
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Just wonderful! Creepy.
10 Rated 10/10 on 3/23/12 12:04 pm
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This isn't a play, it is a recovered audio record of the trials of tribulations of Mr Gerald Conway. There is no theme music, in fact no music at all. Conway has been advised he is 'crazy' because he experiences relentless dreams of an old, old house. Turns out the house is Collinwood, the house by the sea.

There are so many wonderfully chilling moments in this, that each one could fill a story of its own. My favourite is an incident when, during the course of his investigation into the machinations of the house, Conway records an interview with someone he meets there. When he plays back the tape ... only Conway's voice is on it! Like an audio equivalent of the vampire never casting a mirror image, there are many such moments that truly serve to scare the listener.

This is released during the same month as Big Finish's 'big names' including Jago and Litefoot, Tom Baker's new audio adventures and a particularly good entry in the main range. And yet Dark Shadows once more retains the crown as the best of the bunch, and one feels this range should be given more promotion. Hopefully, sales are such that it doesn't need any extra publicity, but when there are stories such as this released under its banner, Big Finish should be shouting about Dark Shadows from the rooftops.