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The Edge of Desctruction


As they slowly recover from the shock of being thrown to the TARDIS floor, the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara all seem to be acting strangely. A number of unexplained events occur and suspicions are raised that some alien force may have entered the ship. The Doctor at one point even accuses Ian and Barbara of sabotage.

It gradually dawns on the travellers that what they have been experiencing is an attempt by the TARDIS itself to warn them of something. The Doctor ultimately realises that the 'fast return' switch he used when leaving Skaro has stuck, and the ship has been plunging back to the beginning of time and its own destruction.

Once the problem - a faulty spring - is corrected, the TARDIS returns to normal and the Doctor is forced to make some apologies.
The Doctor - William Hartnell Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill Ian Chesterton - William Russell Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford
Written By
Directed By
Richard Martin,Frank Cox


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Review By templetongate
Rated 10/10 on 5/18/12 2:48 pm
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This one freaked the hell out of my Unalike. Unearthly Child had gone well, the cavemen hadn't (and were bypassed), the Daleks went surprisingly well (although we agreed the Thals had it coming), but this...this was...

It's a bit weird, isn't it?

Unalike spotted the moment that was objected to by the upper echelons of the BBC (and every parent in the land. And a fair number of drapers, I should imagine), loved Barbara, warmed to Ian, increasingly hated Susan (Shriek! Oh, Grandfather! Shriek!)...and we agreed the best thing in it was the Doctor's head bandage. There's a gap in the market, there. Oh yes.

All in all, though, excellent stuff. Gripping, fascinatingly played, and - come on - for kids on Saturday afternoons! Love the BBC!