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2.1 - Sheridan Le Fanu: Carmilla


A beautiful but mysterious young lady, Carmilla, comes to stay with an aristocrat and his daughter in their castle in Styria, on the borders of Austria and Hungary. Almost at once an unexplained wasting disease breaks out in the surrounding villages, claiming the lives of numerous women. Within the castle itself, a huge demonic cat-like creature has been seen prowling at night. The forces of darkness are closing in and all eyes turn to the enigmatic Carmilla. Who - or what - exactly is she?
Read By: Miriam Margolyes
Written By
Directed By
Barnaby Edwards


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10 Rated 10/10 on 12/18/11 10:58 am
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The Textbook Stuff horror range continues it's inability to put a foot wrong. From the sumptuous and rich cover art, to the meticulous sound design; from the choice of featured stories to the selected readers - no, performers - Barnaby Edwards is slowly building up an essential horror library.

Here, the ever talented and delightful Miriam Margolyes brings a multi-faceted tale to (un)life and really does justice to this most classic of classic vampire stories. My initial reservations that she might sound too naturally 'friendly' for the slowly growing macabre seductions featured in Sheridan Le Fanu's story have proven to be unfounded.
She is wonderful, the sound design is perfect (wonderful for headphones) and the story never flags in its straddling of the sinister and the seductive.

Hugely recommended.
Review By Stevo
Rated 10/10 on 11/29/11 3:38 pm
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Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic horror tale Carmilla might not be a story that everyone here is familiar with, but everyone is familiar with lesbian vampires and gothic castles surely? (Whether they are scantily clad vampires or not, depends on your imagination of course!) Well, the novella Carmilla is probably the origin of a lot of the popular culture stuff that is now associated with female vampires.

At over three hours of listening, this audiobook has bite! Textbook Stuff Audiobooks have set a standard when it comes to their classic literature ‘horror’ releases, with excellent production values and evocative background music; these are so much more than just somebody reading a book in to a microphone. Once Carmilla grabs you, you are in for the duration... As with all of the Textbook Stuff releases, it is the reader that brings the written word to life, and with Miriam Margolyes’ excellent range of voices, (even Miriam's male voices are convincing males!), Carmilla absolutely lives in this presentation... If there is a better female voice artist out there than Miriam Margolyes, then I have yet to hear her. Every voice Miriam does in Carmilla is just right for the respective characters in the story, nothing is too OTT. Miriam's reading coupled with Howard Carter's effective background music make this audiobook a real treat to listen to.

Carmilla is for me, the best of the Textbook Stuff ‘horror’ range of audiobooks so far, and I have given it 10/10 as I could not fault anything about this release. A brilliant production that I can heartily recommend to anybody interested in classic gothic horror stories.