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1.5 - The Deep

Read by Peter Davison
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Review By DarthSkeptical
Rated 10/10 on 5/14/11 5:24 am
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I was actually anticipating this story because it's written by Ally Kennen, a well-noticed juvenile fiction author. it's no surprise, therefore, that she gives us a bit of Big Finish that's actually completely appropriate for Doctor Who's target audience. That's not to say it's a piece of "kiddie fic". No, it's just that it has that sense of childlike wonder that Big Finish plays so often lack.

I think Kennen nails the Fifth Doctor/Nyssa relationship completely. I love that Nyssa is ballsy enough to attempt to fix the chameleon circuit, but at the same time gets it completely wrong. So often she's the one who brings the Doctor back to the ground with her scientific reason. Here, though, the roles are reversed, and the Doctor's ability to go with the flow and think outside the box wins through. Kennen takes clear aspects of the two travellers' personalities, finds the point of friction, and generates an awful lot of humor. I wish more BF authors would find plot through an understanding of character, like Kennen does here. Only Nyssa and the Fifth Doctor could have a rollicking adventure that centers on fixing the chameleon circuit.

As for how Nyssa's tampering with the chameleon circuit, well, I don't want to give that away. But let's just say there are times when the most cherished objects in the Doctor Who universe suddenly get new abilities, and I think, "That's ridiculous". This addition to the chameleon circuit's powers, though, makes total sense to me.

The only niggle is that this story does rather render the Sixth Doctor's attempt to fix the chameleon circuit insensible. Why on earth would he have tried again after what happens in "The Deep"? Still, I don't like Attack of the Cybermen very much, so it's easy for me to overlook that.

In fact, it's more fun if you ignore Attack. That way, when the subject next comes up — in "Boom Town" — there's some lovely irony. When Nine pats the police box exterior in Cardiff and says to Jack, proudly, "I like it", we can now roll our eyes. "Surrrrrre, you like it, Doctor. You just don't want to go through the events of "The Deep" again, ya big ol' liar!"
Review By saroz
Rated 7/10 on 6/2/13 5:08 am
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There are some big ideas in this one which are treated very breezily, which means the listener may do a double-take at the end when they realize the scope of what they've just heard. I'm not surprised at all to learn that this author is a children's/young adult's author; she has a great grasp of pace and knows how to balance the adventure and urgency with witty dialogue and neat imagery. It's not going to be anyone's favorite, probably, but it's a fun story and Peter Davison seems to have a blast reading it. I wish he would do some audiobooks of other children's fiction!
Review By drsteve
Rated 7/10 on 11/13/10 6:29 am
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Silly but fun