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1.3 - Horror of Glam Rock

The Doctor and Lucie go glam when the TARDIS makes an unexpected landing in 1974. Slade, The Sweet and Suzi Quatro are Top of the Pops - and brother-and-sister duo The Tomorrow Twins will soon be joining them, if starmaking Svengali Arnold Korns has his way. But will their dreams turn to dust at a service station somewhere on the M62, besieged by a pack of alien monsters?
Paul McGann (The Doctor); Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller); Bernard Cribbins (Arnold Korns); Una Stubbs (Flo); Stephen Gately (Tommy Tomorrow); Clare Buckfield (Trisha Tomorrow); Lynsey Hardwick (Pat); Katarina Olsson (The Headhunter / The Only Ones)
Written By
Directed By
Barnaby Edwards


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Review By Timelord63
Rated 10/10 on 8/29/10 8:28 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Excellent 'service station under siege' story from Paul Magrs, full of loveable large characters brought to life by a truly superb cast. Everybody, literally everybody is brilliant and deserves special mention for being brilliant. So, entire cast, consider yourselves named and applauded, cos you're great :) Really enjoyable story, great music, great production, great fun.

And some of the best extras ever! For the clean glam rock version of the Who theme (who'd have thought it'd work so well?! :), and the full 'Children of Tomorrow' track with its nods to Aladdin Sane and Life on Mars (amongst others), I can only thank you!!
10 Rated 10/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
My second favourite 8DA of all times. Paul Magrs is BRILLIANT.
Review By fadladder
Rated 10/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
One of my favorite BF audios. Words fail me when I try to describe how much I love this one, thank you Paul Magrs and Big Finish for bringing this into the world. Dr. Who, glam rock, personal drama, Bernard Cribbens, loving humor and a dash of horror. A perfect cocktail!
Review By SLRibs
Rated 9/10 on 11/19/11 10:13 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Fairly traditional in nature, The Doctor and Companion arrive in a place, body is found, monsters attack, base-under-siege story. However, after quite a number of less traditional Who being what I've most recently listened to or viewed, this was a welcome return to form. The audio is clever in having a very audio-based foe, but that's certainly been seen before. The 50 minute format works very well for this story, as I feel the concept didn't have enough to it to last for anything slightly longer than what it was. The characters all get around the same amount of development and are all unique and play their part in the story, with the notable role going to Bernard Cribbins, who does a wonderful pre-New Series appearance. He has one particularly good scene, which is probably the standout of the play. (He also mentions the fabled BF Lunch in the extras, so plus five points).

I also start to see why a lot of people like Eight/Lucie now that they're together; if Charley was his Rose, then Lucie was his Donna; they're best friends, but not in a romantic way whatsoever. There's one scene in particular that emphasized this, which I believe went something like Lucie asking the Doctor about why he travels if there's so much danger. Lovely dynamic, I'm a huge fan of it nearly every time it's used for each Doctor's 'best friend'.

Overall, 9/10. Fun runaround by Paul Magrs.
Review By komodo
Rated 8/10 on 6/29/12 12:59 am
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This works really well as a two part story. Sure there are monsters running around, but the audio is really about people. In this story Barnaby has created a scenario where he can build a solid supporting cast in a small amount of time and then have a worth while adventure with good old glam rock featuring all the way through.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Review By MTL
Rated 8/10 on 4/27/11 11:16 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Who said Doctor Who had to be sophisticated? This story is a good old B-story wtih superb characters and energetic performances. The only problem is the lack of originality - the story does become too predictable as it goes on, but this is not unsual for Who. In fact hidden within this well-run story is a lovely relationship between Lucie and Pat and some brilliant one-liners: "Doctor, leave those kids alone!"

McGann and Sheridan are as solid as expected and their relationship is definitely blossoming by this stage. Slight niggle in Lucie's slight 'know-it-all' attitude, but since her past is a bit murky at this point and she seemed confident with aliens in her first story. The rest of the cast are increadibly entertaining also. This story gets at least 5 stars just for Bernard Cribbins - he just has that charisma that is so joyous to listen to, he always sounds like he's having a ball of a time. The late Stephen Gately is surpiringly intriguing, not only was he a bloomin' good singer (I am proud to keep Children of Tomorrow on my iPod) but he's a great actor too, playing a very sympathetic and unusual role. His relationship with his sister is very convincing and the rest of the cast play the roles as effectively as they could.

You can see how I defend my own criticisms and that's because this story is just great fun and to take it too serious would be unfair.
Review By Sprocketship
Rated 7/10 on 10/1/12 11:02 pm
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I've listened to this story a few times and it's never really drawn me in. It's written well enough, but still somehow leaves me unfulfilled at the end of the day. It gets an "A for effort" but still leaves me lacking.
I can't quite put my finger on why, so I'm just going to rate it a 7/10. With my feeling that a score of 7 is average and I don't feel like this story is in any way above average.

Perhaps coming right on the heels of the BLOOD OF THE DALEKS two parter makes this one seem middle of the road as well...

On the upside, this story does feature Bernard Cribbins (always a plus!) and is cleverly written to include a ton of rock references.( I'm sure there's a drinking game in there somewhere!)

This story also features Aunty Pat, Lucie's Aunt, who will play an important role as the series continues.
Review By Mr Flibble
Rated 6/10 on 10/17/10 1:46 pm
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In a motorway service station in 1974 the Doctor and Lucie become involved in the early stages of Glam Rock. I didn't think I would enjoy this but I found myself amused at some of the tongue-in-cheek references to the music of the era. The aliens, for example, are called the Only Ones. The fact that Bernard Cribbens is in it and the late Stephen Gately's Glam version of the Doctor Who theme make it well worth a listen, the story itself is pretty lightweight but introduces Auntie Pat who is important in later stories.