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4.4 - The Book of Kells

Anyone who's prepared to kill for a book interests me.'

Ireland, 1006. Strange things have been happening at the isolated Abbey of Kells: disembodied voices, unexplained disappearances, sudden death. The monks whisper of imps and demons. Could the Lord of the Dead himself be stalking these hallowed cloisters?

The Doctor and his companion find themselves in the midst of a medieval mystery. At its heart is a book: perhaps the most important book in the world. The Great Gospel of Columkille. The Liber Columbae. The Book of Kells.
Paul McGann (The Doctor), Jim Carter (Brother Bernard), Terrence Hardiman (King Sitric), Graeme Garden (Abbot Thelonious), Ryan Sampson (Brother Patrick), Nick Brimble (Olaf Eriksson)
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30% (3/10) of raters say this story requires listening to previous stories.

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Rated 9/10 on 7/21/14 2:38 pm
Rated 10/10 on 7/20/14 4:16 am
Rated 9/10 on 6/29/14 10:37 am
Rated 8/10 on 6/24/14 9:20 am
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Rated 8/10 on 4/5/14 12:57 pm
Rated 9/10 on 1/13/14 3:05 am
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Review By PaulaPenguin
Rated 10/10 on 6/8/13 4:04 pm
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A brilliant, twist-filled historical. Great script, instantly memorable characters and a wonderful cast to boot. One of the very best EDAs, I can't recommend this highly enough.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
10 Rated 10/10 on 9/15/10 9:26 am
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This story was excellent! My jaw dropped at the end of each episode. Best 8th Doctor story in a while.
Review By drsteve
Rated 10/10 on 9/14/10 2:40 pm
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The best play for ages - I implore you to listen to it before anyone spoils it for you. You'll never hear a better piece of misdirection
Review By Dave_136
Rated 9/10 on 7/21/14 2:40 pm
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Great story reintroducing an old enemy. Super stuff!
Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!
Review By jolyon
Rated 9/10 on 6/17/12 9:01 am
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Not once but twice wowed by twists in this story. An all star cast, and even though I have an idea of where this series is going, because I've come to it two years too late, I was delighted by the revelations I wasn't expecting. I love Tamsin.
Review By TonyJones
Rated 9/10 on 10/16/10 3:08 am
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Set in Ireland during the 10th century (a period when Kells Abbey was plundered by Vikings regularly) this story covers how the book got stolen and recovered a few months later, and naturally the Doctor is involved.

This is the first story recorded for Tamsin Drew (her third in the chronology) and mid way through you are struck by the high quality Big Finish production, acting and also still unsure of how well the Doctor / Tamsin relationship will develop. Meanwhile there is the mystery of who plucked the TARDIS from the vortex!

Suddenly the plot takes off and with the Doctor you get led down a series of events that totally misleads until the final revelation of who the villain is.

At this point the story is hovering at six or seven marks, then after the closing of the story from the Doctor's pov comes a revelation that sets the whole story arc for this series alight - sadly I can't mention what it is without spoiling the whole, but take it on trust this is brilliant!
Review By MTL
Rated 8/10 on 10/7/11 1:50 pm
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The tone of this story is set by the villain behind the shenanigans - fun with plenty of drama. A story with plenty of mysteries with surprising answers, it never feels dull and nips along at a gripping pace. Nevertheless the story is a bit slight and runs on the spot for a few moments, but these moments are always entertaining and so can be forgiven.

The cast are solid enough providing believable, interesting and distinct characters. There is more than one suspect for who is the cause of the events, which certainly keeps the audience guessing. The twists and shocks are also extraordinary and left me gasping for the next release. A lot of fun, which isn't quite as rewarding as it could be on re-listens.
Review By baticeer
Rated 7/10 on 12/13/13 3:36 pm
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It's so twisty that telling you most of the things I liked would be a spoiler! I liked this story, especially the richness of the historical premise, and the way it rolled along, and it did what it was trying to do. I just don't think it's very memorable, and if you already know the twists, there's not much to reward you on relisten.
Reviewer Says: Previous stories required!