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1.7 - The Song of Megaptera

Deep space in the distant future, and Captain Greeg and his crew are hunting mile-long Space Whales on a vast harvesting ship. By pure accident, they also capture the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Peri must use all their wits to survive. But what is the creature running loose in the ship's bowels? And can the Doctor save Megaptera before its song is extinguished forever?
Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), John Benfield (Captain Greeg), Neville Watchurst (Stennar/Manus), John Banks (The Caller/Ship's Computer), Susan Brown (Chief Engineer/Chanel), Toby Longworth (Stafel/1st Security Guard), Alex Lowe (Axel/2nd Security Guard)
Written By
Directed By
John Ainsworth


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Rated 10/10 on 7/20/14 4:28 am
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Review By fadladder
Rated 10/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
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Loved this one, captures what is best about the televised Baker era.
Review By Gcookscotland
Rated 8/10 on 11/1/13 11:18 am
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The story starts great the Doctor and Peri are trying to protect Space Whales against hunters. Enjoyable a fun! Then the second part of the story they find themself in the whale and that's where the story takes a steep downhill drop. First half - 10/10. Second Half - 5/10
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Review By MTL
Rated 8/10 on 6/22/13 5:06 am
3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
If it is true that conflict equals drama, then it is no surprise that this story is so gripping. The number of conflicts within the story is staggering but never overwhelming. They all intertwine and contribute towards the story, never leaving you bored. There's the conflicting styles of captaincy (instinct and protocol), attitudes towards hunting, attitudes towards caring for the environment - it is incredibly imprssive that the story addresses these conflicts with such conviction and provides so many shades of grey. The morality of the characters are placed under scrutiny and neither are entirely in the right the Captain is the villain of the peice but the Framily are also a considerable threat to the Doctor. As David Richardson and John Ainsworth note in the extras, the characters all really shine here, with distinct personalities and motives. The cast are wonderful and really convince you that their way of life has become run-of-the-mill and tiring.

Nicola Bryant is given a lot to do here and her delusions in Episode Two are funny and thratening - a terrific performance as is Baker's, who is his usual brilliant self when presented with plenty of material to get his teeth into. As strong as the script is though, it does fall into the traps of audio drama of having characters just describe things in front of you. Since the story is set at a rollicking pace anyway, these exposition moments significantly slow it down. Nevertheless, it is still a fun story with plenty of drama that is never dull.
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Review By melfan101
Rated 6/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
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Everyone really is waxing lyrical about this one, but I didn't really see what all the fuss was about. It was a good story, but it didn't really do anything amazing.