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4.3 - The Prisoner of Peladon

"Tonight, I am going to tell you the story of the Prisoner of Peladon, and of the time when a friend and protector returned to our planet. A man calledÂ… the Doctor."

The planet Peladon has joined the Galactic Federation, and has undergone a painful period of change. Still eager to embrace alien culture, King Peladon has welcomed refugee Ice Warriors to his world - innocent creatures that are fleeing the New Martian Republic.

But, as an old friend returns to the capitol, there is murder in the refugee camps. Could the truth lie in an ancient legend?
David Troughton (King Peladon), Nicholas Briggs (Ice Warriors)
Written By
Directed By
Nicola Bryant


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Rated 10/10 on 7/19/14 2:04 pm
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Review By bryan
Rated 10/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Just listened to this again, and still think it is really amazing. very plot driven rather than action,which rather suits the narrator in this case perfectly.
Review By SLRibs
Rated 9/10 on 6/5/11 5:33 am
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Just very fun and well placed in the mythos of Peladon, which is among my favorite TV stories (well, the first one, anyway).
Review By fadladder
Rated 8/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Nothing too new here, but it's a Peladon story done to a "T" and quite enjoyable as such.
Review By Timelord63
Rated 7/10 on 1/5/11 12:46 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Pretty good stuff but I took a while to settle in with this one, I felt episode 2 a much stronger script than episode 1. It's a good production, although not my favourite music score (I have enjoyed Toby Hrycec-Robinson's scores elsewhere, just not so much this one).

David Troughton and Nick Briggs are both great in their roles, Nick delivering a good range of Ice Warriors*, David easily recreating his own Peladon role and also a well-observed Third Doctor which had me forgetting it wasn't Pertwee's voice a good couple of times (echoing the quieter, reflective delivery of a more thoughtful Pertwee - for me, easily the best and closest CC performance of the 3rd Doctor). And also giving a pretty good Alpha Centauri, utterly bizarre and in both senses, hysterical; the character to a tee!

*unintentionally now imagining a variety of ice cream flavours; vanilla guard, strawberry ice lord... :)
Review By komodo
Rated 6/10 on 5/5/13 7:41 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
A companion chronicle without a companion is an interesting idea (risky) but well played.
The return to Peladon should appeal to the old fans, yet I found the plot less than gripping.
This was mostly a nostalgia piece with a story that didn't need so much space to be told.
Refugee Ice Warriors is also a good idea, yet they should be more dangerous.

I think 'unrecognised potential' sums it up.
Reviewer Says: No previous stories required.
Review By Jesse77
Rated 6/10 on 8/18/10 5:33 pm
0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Not bad,not overly great. Let's just not have david troughton do alpha centauri voices again ;)