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4.3 - A Lift In Time

Ever get a tune stuck in your head? Annoying, isn't it? Especially when it transforms you into a mindless, murderous zombie. After years of righting wrongs and wronging rights, is the fat lady about to sing for Iris Wildthyme? As Panda becomes the next big thing and the bus is stolen by an insane artificial intelligence, Iris’s future finally catches up with her. Ding ding, going down...

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Review By Eiphel 12/21/10 6:40 am
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Having been slowly won over to Iris by Katy Manning's podcasts and forum chatter, I picked them up at the very reasonable BF sale price. I listened to the first series back to back the other night, and I'm a convert. One thing I did feel was that the two stories were almost one big one, and a lot was gained by listening to both consecutively.

Wildthyme at Large delivered the basics I'd come to expect - Loud, daft, oddball. But it was insubstantial and whilst it was amusing, a bit disappointing.


The Devil in Ms Wildthyme was excellent! Exactly what I'd been hoping for. In fact, I really feel like it's one double-disc story. It certainly plays out nicely back to back. It's not dark, by any means, but it knows when to play things straight so that the humour and madcappery doesn't come off lightweight. It feels like a proper meaty story. And the plot's superb. Nuts, but superb. 8/10
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