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1.2 - Love and Hate

"Immortals didn't die. Not like this. You cut an Immortal, they got up. You shot them, they got up. You burnt them, they got up. They always got up."

A roof-top duel between sword-wielding combatants becomes the talk of Seacouver – but Duncan is perplexed when both bodies are found with their heads intact. No Quickening has taken place, and instead, the pair seemed to have burned t... (more)

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Review By komodo 7/15/13 3:50 pm
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Reviewer Says:
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I did not expect Highlander to translate well to audio, especially in a story of all new characters, and mostly villainous ones. There are a lot of tough male voices in this, making it a little hard to follow at first, but once you learn who they all are, it becomes a very dark joy to listen to.

This is a gritty tale, but it is well told and perhaps the best Highlander story since the original Christopher Lambert film.

Well deserving of the award it won.
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