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1.3 - The Secret of the Sword

"This sword is at least four hundred years old."

Duncan MacLeod knows a lot about swords. Everyone knows that. So, when he's called in to help Seacouver police value an antique blade found hidden away in a museum basement, he thinks nothing of it. But then, when he sees the sword – as amazing, beautiful and ancient as it is – Duncan realises there might be more to his involvement ... (more)

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Review By komodo 7/15/13 3:50 pm
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
I did not expect Highlander to translate well to audio, especially in a story of all new characters, and mostly villainous ones. There are a lot of tough male voices in this, making it a little hard to follow at first, but once you learn who they all are, it becomes a very dark joy to listen to.

This is a gritty tale, but it is well told and perhaps the best Highlander story since the original Christopher Lambert film.

Well deserving of the award it won.
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