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7. A Storm of Angels

What if...
the Doctor really had changed History,
even just the tiniest bit?

1480: Leonardo da Vinci visits the stars.
1508: Vasco da Gama sets foot on Mars.
1585: Francis Drake begins charting the Asteroid Belt.
1588: Earth is destroyed by a storm of angels.

The Doctor was really enjoying his freedom. But now thereĀ... (more)

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Rated 9/10 on 3/2/15 4:17 pm
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Review By Parallax 4/24/14 11:20 am
3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
This is a certainly a story that gets a lot of flack. While it does have it's flaws, it has some great moments, and when Arabella Weir gets to the heart of The Doctor's character, she pulls it off with aplomb.

While The Doctor and a her friends are heavy drinkers, the hangovers and vomiting that accompany it are more than what was necessary, they could have been toned down while still getting the idea across.

A shout out goes to Toby Longworth and David Tennant for their excellent portrayal of timelords in this story.

On the whole, this is a story with a wonderful conceit (The Doctor being so terrifying that he flees from his trial and hides on earth), a strong lead actress with a role that shines despite some weaker material, this story should at least be listened to once, and not completely avoided.
Review By nottheusualfangirl 2/9/14 5:20 am
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
What Eiphel said. I found the story an engaging take on an alternative Doctor, and I agree Nicholas Courtney's performance is outstanding. I also loved Mark Gatiss as an alternative Master; you can tell he is having a criminal amount of fun. David Tennant's character is absolutely one-note, but that isn't his fault, because that's all he's given to play. That's really my only criticism of the script. And yet it's so much fun to hear Tennant's familiar voice, with his lovely natural accent. Unlike some other listeners I wish the producers had the nerve to REALLY let him curse. But I'm a reprobate.
Review By jemgoody 9/10/12 7:52 pm
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*Possible Spoilers*

I love the voice work of Mr. Warner & Mr. Courtney. I found the characterization of Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood to be off putting. I understand it is a different world but I found him to be really rude and looked for him to get his comeuppance. I enjoyed the Master getting the twist toward the end. The story could have been a little longer to round out some characterization. Super review by Eiphel. 8/10
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