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London, the near future; UNIT is finished. The UK division of the UNIT prepares to cede its authority to a new organisation... But who is attempting to sabotage the hand-over?

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Review By RyanOM1991 3/7/14 3:10 pm
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
A fresh start and a new direction. A successful change in style.

UNIT: Dominion is a four-part story that brings Doctor Who bang up to date with a wonderful sound design that combines an epic scope with superb characterisation.

Those looking for lots of McCoy action will be disappointed by the first two episodes as the focus is more on the mysterious Other Doctor played by Alex MacQueen and the increasingly suspicious Klein. UNIT is presented as a credible military outfit again, baffles by the chaos that ensues but maintaining a stiff upper lip and sense of control. Subtle hints imply that perhaps things aren't quite as they should be. The second episode with the Skyhead encounter is particularly gripping.

Episode 3 doesn't quite match up the high standard - we've already heard two episodes of UNiT confused by an alien incursion and looking to the Doctor to help combat it, to the format has already become slightly stale - surprising considering its only the third episode, but the narrative structure is exactly the same and nothing new is really developed. Until the episode's climax, anyway.

The revelation about MacQueen's Doctor is glaringly obvious when it is revealed but at no point crosses your mind during the story. Events really pick up for the final episode where McCoy and MacQueen go toe to toe in a gripping and well-realised climax.

There are three aspects that really should be applauded - the freshness of Who's new direction, MacQueen's gripping performance and the wonderful sound design. These alone make this box set a very good listen.
Review By Sprocketship 11/12/12 10:49 pm
1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
This story has the same feel of reinvention and freshness that the new DOCTOR WHO series had when it premiered in 2005. "Dominion" takes us to new places with new characters and it's full of wonderful twists and surprises along the way. You never quite know where it's going to go next and that makes this adventure deliciously wonderful! This one is an instant DOCTOR WHO classic!

Why the scheme at the center of this story has never been previously used in DOCTOR WHO boggles the mind. Nick Briggs and Jason Arnopp have outdone themselves with this script!

Sylvester McCoy is at the top of his game and Alex Macqueen steals the show as the Other Doctor.

The only downside is that the Klein story line didn't resolve itself in a way that I found satisfying. It deserved something greater to match the huge scope of this adventure.

One word: EPIC!

Review By komodo 11/11/12 9:29 pm
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
UNIT has been taking a back seat for too many years. Between the death of Nicolas Courtney and the emergence of the Forge, Torchwood and Counter Measures, UNIT has drifted into obscurity. A drift only made worse by the bland characters such as Chadrey, Dalton and the ridiculous Brimmicomb-Wood in the previous UNIT series and then its wish washy appearance in the NuWHo episodes.

With this series, UNIT is strong and could have a very strong spin off. The key to that is the strength of its main characters. Wilson, Maynard, Wyland Jones and of course Klein make a very good well defined team that would be a pleasure to follow.

This story is another matter. From the start it is very busy with two doctors, a unit team and half a dozen alien groups all on the go. It is supposed to be busy, but the efforts to introduce all the characters make it hard to listen to the first episode.

The subsequent episodes were golden though, especially each of the cliff hangers which were all great moments with unpredictable outcomes.

The story does stand alone, but I�d think the Klein trilogy would make some key parts of it make more sense.

All that said, it�s a great listen and well worth the time it takes. From here, the Doctor and Raine could go on further adventures, or UNIT could have its own spin off, or the other doctor could come swanning into any story saying �Hello You� and we�d love him.
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