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189. Revenge of the Swarm

The Doctor thought he had defeated the microscopic Nucleus of the Swarm in his fourth incarnation. He was wrong. It survived within the TARDIS, and now it has brought it back to Titan Base, back to the point of its own creation. It has a plan that spans centuries, a plan which will result in the Nucleus becoming more powerful – and larger – than ever before.

To defeat it, the Doct... (more)

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Review By kfb2014 8/22/14 1:51 pm
0 out of 3 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
Rappel and Bev land on the planet, Kar-Charrat, they are exploring, Rappel does not like the climate which is raining and cold. They are both after Kar-Charrat, and the Zigarat, they are a grave robbers. They are assisted by a alien Tika and a Robot G41. Rappel is not happy about what they are doing. The Zigarat (Pyramid) is 1,200 year old In the Tardis. Ace and Dr are discussing the disorganisation of the TARDIS library. Ace finds a load of overdue library books from the great library of Kar-Charrat. The Dr on hearing about his overdue books, he takes off so he can take his library books back. Kar-Charrat contains every book there ever was. But the library is hidden from all. This is stop all the information from everywhere falling into the wrong hands. They land on Kar-Charrat in the middle of a rain storm. They land under a waterfall. The Library is at the top of the waterfall. They set off to get there. Meanwhile back on the Dalek mother ship we hear the Dalek’s - They have picked up the TARDIS landing on Kar-Charrat, they identify it has being the Dr’s Bev - talking to her scouting robots, ask what he has found, she is told that nothing is found other than a power signature that is fluctuations. The Zigarat then starts to open. She asks Tika and the G14 to come back, the G14 arms itself fires but is repelled. Rappel fires on, Bev asks Tika to get the plasma cannons, but it is too late. Tika fires on, but he also is killed by the Dalek. We hear the Dalek’s - Scanning for the primary target, the Dalek informs them that Phase 1 is complete and to move to Phase 2. Ace is moaning about the weather on the planet. The Dr tells her to stop moaning. Ace wanders off and starts to hear a strange noise she goes off to investigate, she calls the Dr but he is no where to be seen, and then he just appears out of thin air. He explains that they are in the library, and that the architecture is very elegant and just merging in to the environment. The Library is hidden courtesy, of the Time Lords, through a time bubble. Only the time sensitive can get into the library as they have the time key. Daleks continue to scan to prepare for battle readiness They go into the library and are greeted by the chief Librarian, and cataloguer Prink. The Librarian starts a conversation about the changes made since last time he was there. Librarian tells them that they are overworked and never venture to the upper levels with the other people as they are so busy. The Librarian asks what the Dr’s visit is about. The Dr tells him that he has got some books he has forgotten to take back. The Librarian is not impressed. The Librarian sends Prink is assistant off to sort things out. Bev - Comes round and finds that Rappel and Tika are dead. The robot G14 is just about working on limited reserves, but is unable to use emergency signals as not enough power. Bev is too badly injured to move as she has smashed her leg up. The robot powers down for good, as the medical pouch is opened. She finds some pain killers. She takes them and starts to crawl away. The Librarian, ACE and the Dr talk as they walk around the Library, Ace asks why there are no people there reading the books. The Librarian tells them that no one is not let in at all as they may cause damage to the books. Ace is not impressed and tells the Dr she is going to leave, however as she in not time sensitive she will not be able to get back in, but apparently they have thought of that and invented a DNA key that will allow her entry back in. Dr and the Librarian walk off. Ace leaves. “Poor Dead Poor Abelle, bodies are nothing to you know, no use, no use, to use it is life, you can help us, we can help all, we can help all - we hear in a ghostly voice” ACE now back outside is in the pouring rain, talking to herself, wandering about the ghostly voices she heard before. Back on with the Daleks - We hear that the target has been acquired. The Librarian shows the Dr the Water Tanks that have been installed. The Librarian tells him that they are using the water for Wetworks data storage. The Dr as never seen a one so big, it holds the entire knowledge of the universe. Bev- is now lost, she can hear ACE and calls out to her. They both reach for cover to get out of the rain. ACE ask what brings her to Kar-Charrat, she tells ACE what has happened to her and how she got into the state she is in. ACE asks what it was that attacked them. ACE tells Bev she needs to get out of the rain and they need to get inside, Bev is not aware that the library exists. ACE and Bev make off to the Library. The Dr is impressed with the Wetworks data storage. The Dr asks them how they had such and impressive installation, Elgin tells them that the library has employed technicians, they have had to create an easy to use system of inputting and downloading data, which is essentially a wearable probe. The Dr is worried how many people who have accessed the library’s information. He said the Daleks had come but had tried to enter the forcibly into library. We hear a Dalek voice tell us that Phase 2 initiated Bev and ACE arrive at the library but they hear a noise. They are confronted by a Dalek. We hear a Dalek phase complete, ACE is taken as a prisoner of the Daleks. ACT II The Librarian is told that the Dalek’s have attempted to gain access but failed. As the Librarian cannot stand dust, Librarian suggests that Prink goes with the Dr. However Prink is called away. The Dr and the Librarian go down to the defence system, so that the Dr can check the system to see if everything is working. Librarian (Elgin) tells the Dr that the Daleks have not troubled them for many years, the Dr is not convinced that this means they have left Kar-Charrat. The Dr is also now concerned where ACE is, they wander out of the library into the open and the come across ACE who is confused and delirious. Elgin and the Dr also find Bev she is unconscious, they get both of them stretched back into the Library. Ace wakes up to the tones of a Dalek, she tries to move but the Dalek stuns her. ACE has been imprisoned by her Dalek captors, ACE tells them she will be missed and this will cause the Dr and others to start looking, but the Daleks have been duplicated ACE. ACE is transported to the Dalek mother ship. Back in the library the duplicate ACE is contacted by the Daleks we hear her confirm that she is in the library. The Dr is more concerned about why the other girl was on the planet. Elgin tells the Dr that people come to study the Zigarat’s (pyramids). The Dr asks Elgin to take him to look at these structures to see what it is all about. Aboard the Dalek ship ACE accompanied by her Dalek captor, We hear the confirmation that the duplicate is operational in the library. The Dalek confirm that they must make ready for a ground assault. ACE tells the Daleks that the Dr will see through their plans. ACE questions that the Daleks have the ability to succeed. The Dalek tells ACE that the Dr’s weakness his is companions and that they will succeed. Elgin and the Dr discovers Tika’s body and the Robot. The Dr works out that they were grave robbers. The Dr notices that there are marks and that there is another body missing. The Dr wonders why another body would be removed. Dr asks Elgin if there are any other races on the world. Elgin, laughs and tells of the phantoms of Kar-Charrat. As they move on they discover that the Zigarat entrance is open, but from the inside. Aboard the Dalek Ship we hear the Dalek’s confirm that the duplicate is live and ready in the library. Scientific division is controlling the plan. Duplicates are in place. Elgin and the Dr move further into the Zigarat, Elgin and the Dr find machines not burial chambers, there is a Dalek deep hibernation unit, it is over 1000 years old. The Dr, activates one of the system panels, and they hear recognition software that has the sample sounds of all types of time travel races and there ships that they use. They find a short range transmat machine, and then they find a duplication unit, Dr then realises that ACE in the library is a Dalek duplicate. Dalek tell the ACE in the library to override the generators, and also to over ride the defence grid. She also tells the Daleks that they can now attack. Warning alarms go off in the library to tell them that they have no defence system. We hear Bev talk to a voice in the jungle, the spirit looks like Rappel. Dr and Elgin make their way back to the library, but on their way back they hear noises, they sound like people, Kar-Charrat spirits. There is a great noise, A Dalek destroyer passes over head. Defence deactivated, we hear a Dalek tell us that the planet is under Dalek control. ACT III Elgin is worried about the damage that the Dalek will do to his books. The Dr is worried about getting ACE out alive, Elgin and the Dr make for the TARDIS. Daleks, issue the order that all life forms apart from the Dr and his companion’s are to be exterminated. We hear the Dalek’s go up to the upper levels to kill all the humans. We hear the screams as the Daleks exterminate them. The Daleks confirm that the Wetworks are ready for download to the test download Dalek, the Daleks ask if the Dr as been located, the ACE duplicate tells them that he has made off to the jungle with Elgin. The Scientific Dalek orders that the first test Dalek made ready for download and sent back to Skaro. Dr and Elgin can hear the phantoms of Kar-Charrat whisper. Master Dalek orders that the test Dalek is made available immediately for download for the Dalek mother ship. Bev wakes up and ask ACE what is going on, she soon realises ACE isn't ACE anymore. ACE duplicate orders her to obey. There is a Dalek with her to make sure that orders are followed. Bev is taken to the wetworks area. The Dalek ask what Bev is here for. She tells them she is here to steal the artefacts from the Zigarat. She is imprisoned so that she can be used to assist them capture the Dr. The test Dalek is made ready in the wetworks chamber. The Test Dalek is linked to the wetworks store. They start the data stream and files start to download. File retrieval rate is increased. But the data retrieval is too fast, and the memory circuits blow. Test Dalek breaks free of restraints. Data retrieval is too fast for the Dalek, they realise that a time lord has better brain capacity and will allow faster retrieval, the Daleks have discovered the TARDIS, they order that ACE is bought back so that they can barter with the Dr to get him to come back to the library to do their bidding, in exchange for ACE life. The Supreme Dalek identify where the Dr is and Elgin. They tell the Dr that if he does not give himself up, they will kill Elgin, Bev and ACE. The Dr and Elgin give themselves up to the Dalek. They are taken back to the library. Elgin asks where everyone else is they tell him they have killed everyone else. Dr is appalled, the Dalek tells them that they will have a Dalek with supreme knowledge. The test Dalek that has been downloaded too has not worked so well, and caused a problem, the Dalek orders that Prink and Elgin fix the wetworks data storage. ACE, Bev and the Dr are kept in the librarian’s office. Elgin and Prink are ordered to work We hear the Kar-Charrat spirit say the words “Soon” Dr explains that the Dalek by taking the data store will take over the universe one cosmos at a time. The Dr says that he can hear the voices as well in the rain. Bev tells him so can she, she also tells him that she has seen her dead partner visit her but he was making a burbling noise, like the spirits in the water. The Wetworks is repaired and the Daleks order to get the Dr. Dr thinks that the life force as moved into the rain. ACE (duplicate) orders the Dr to go to the wetworks storage to be wired into the data storage. The Dr works out that the Dalek was not capable to take aboard the data at the speed. They are using the Dr’s brain as a interface between the storage and another one of the Dalek supreme. Will the Time lords mind will be able to sustain the download speed. The Daleks start the data download via the Dr, and they increase the data flow. They increase the flow to maximum. ACE and Bev try to escape, Bev tells ACE that a collector as paid big money for artefacts from Kar-Charrat. They hear a noise, the door opens, and they see Rappel. The Spirits inhabit his form so that they can speak with Bev and ACE. The spirits start to talk to them. The spirits tell ACE and Bev where the Dr is, but fear it is too late. They have downloaded all the files from the Wetworks to the Dr, the Daleks remove the controls from the Dr. The Dalek has now also received all the data from the library and appears to be working. The Dr has no brain function, he is dead. The Dalek orders the other Daleks to leave and then destroy the place. They hear a noise. A Dalek who has been downloaded too appears to be out of control, and screaming in pain. It senses Bev and ACE and orders them to be exterminated. ACT IV The Dalek shoots the spirit Rappel and he the body of Rappel drops to the floor, Bev and ACE escape, the spirit in the rain invades the Dalek and drowns it. The spirit rain also tells Bev and ACE that the Dr conscious is also with them. The spirit talks to the Dr and tells him that they have absorbed him within the wetworks store. That he is now part of the store. The Dr body lies in the wetworks storage. Elgin is upset at what has happened. The Dalek that has been drowned is reported to the others. It is reported to the Dalek leader what has happened, and that the spirits in the water have killed the Dalek. The Dalek orders a special Dalek with advanced systems to be deployed. The spirits tell Bev and ACE that Elgin as been using their being as the main component in the storage facility. Elgin has imprisoned all the water spirits to be part of the storage. The Spirit asks the Dr to help them escape. The Daleks realise that things are not working properly. So they prepare Elgin as the next download subject from the wetworks storage. He is not happy, he tells Prink that he is not happy. But the Spirits download the Dr’s conscious back into his physical body. We hear the data retrieval download activation of the Dr, it succeeds when the Dr is revived he is extremely mad with Elgin and what he has done to the spirits in the water. He vents his spleen. The Dr works out a plan to destroy the Daleks. Aboard the Dalek ship the Dalek reports back to Supreme Dalek. They tell of the test subject is not working properly. Supreme Dalek is unhappy that they have killed the Dr and that they have not been successful in their operation. The Dalek return to the Library. They (Dr and Elgin) hear the Daleks are going to try and track down ACE and Bev. The control Dalek is drowned by the water spirits, and the Dr and Elgin, Prink, escape and free ACE and Bev. The Dr asks how they should stop the Daleks. ACE suggests that they blow a hole in the roof. Duplicate ACE tells them that she can go where they cannot as she is not susceptible to water like they are so she will go and hunt the Dr and his companions down. As they walk the Dr explains what the Librarians has been doing to the Kar-Charratian’s. The Dr explains that they need to blow the tanks, and perform a download at the same time. They arrive at the TARDIS there are two Daleks on patrol the Kar-Charratian drown them. The Dr and everyone get inside the TARDIS. Duplicate ACE grabs Elgin and dangles him over the edge of the waterfall. She informs that the Dr is to hand over the TARDIS otherwise she will kill Elgin. Prink picks up a gun and shoots duplicate ACE Elgin drops to the floor, Elgin runs off duplicate ACE grabs Prink. She threatens them again but now she has a massive whole in her duplicate body, she kills Prink, but the water spirits invade her duplicate shell and she topples over the edge. They get explosives ready and land the TARDIS back in the wetworks storage in the library. ACE pretends to be the duplicate ACE when they land and tells the Daleks she has the Dr. The Daleks believes her. The Dalek download test subject starts not to obey the CMDR Dalek as it questions the orders for him to go back to mother ship. ACE starts to place explosives. The CMDR Dalek orders ACE to be exterminated, the Subject Dalek questions it and will not exterminate he fires and kills the CMDR DALEK. A special forces Dalek arrives and starts to open fire. ACE places the explosives and runs back into the TARDIS, the Dr sets the download in place. The Special DALEK finally kills the Dalek that has been used for download and questioned the CMDR Dalek. But it is too late and the Wetworks assembly explodes and the water spirits invade the remaining Daleks killing them all. The Dalek ship reports that all Dalek plans are destroyed, the supreme Dalek tells the CMDR to set to self destruct as he has failed. The ship explodes We hear the TARDIS appear, they are in the jungle of Kar-Charrat Elgin mourns the loss of his library. We hear the water spirits are free, the Dr turns off the temporal barrier so that the Jungle can evade and the planet can go back to the way it was. Bev walks off to her ship. The Dr sends a message to the Time Lords about what has happened. Elgin remains on Kar-Charrat awaiting the Time Lords arrival.
Review By kfb2014 8/21/14 7:01 am
0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
Where do you begin, this is a big peace of work. It is effectively four adventures, a box set if you like as it runs over 210minutes plus and is spread on the media format over 3 disks. It stars them all, well at least the Big Finish Dr's as well a the Brigadier, ACE, Charlie....

Disk One, this picks this up from Neverland, where we see the 8th Dr understand the full extent of anti time, and what Rassilon is, was and what he was thinking. The 8th Dr realises what anti time can do, absorbs it effectively becoming Zagreus. This gives the Dr secondary persona, one which is not that keen on the fact that he has a companion in the form of Charlie, for whom herself, is part of the problem that is at hand. The story moves on each part giving Charlie and the manifestation of the TARDIS, the Brigadier, the ability to peace together a way of getting things back on track.

Through previous recorded information and experiences that the TARDIS as been through, it starts to replay these scenarios through to Charlie. The first scenario is with the Dr, talking to a 10ft cat and explaining the principles of Schrödinger's cat through the medium of Alice in Wonderland, the only book that is in the TARDIS Library. Charlie relives a episode where a post war group of scientist are building a temporal time weapon, they intend to use on the Russians. Only for it to actually end their lives.

The second disk starts with Charlie discussing the previous events with the Tardis, and what she needs to do, and whether she could take on the anti time, the Zagreus element. We then move through an almost LSD style trip of epic performance, meeting vampires, Goldilocks, a Toy maker, only to return to the TARDIS from which all of these anomalies have been created. The battle between Rassilon, the Dr, the Divergence as we know now the force that we are battling, this is all starting to melt into a wonderful menagerie of sci-fi and surrealism.

At the end of disk 2 we are faced with a mad toy maker who is 7th Dr, and the 6th Dr who is a vampiric style animal that we met early on in the first part of the story. We now move forward with Leela along with Ramana visiting with Rasillon in a unreality, as he tries to make her resign from the governance of the time lords to hand it over to Zagreus. Meanwhile the now newly acquainted Dr's and Charlie are fighting off beast from the Alice in Wonderland book that remains in the remains of the Tardis.

The final disc summarises the story, and ties this quite enormous story up very well. However the issue with this is we are left a few question marks about. Charlie is told to leave the Dr as now with Rassilon exposed, Zargreus no more, and the other incarnations of the Dr now back in the rightful time and space. The Dr asks Ramana to give Charlie a future. But we are left with the cliff hanger has she boarded the TARDIS, where is the Dr off.

Fantastic but listen carefully.....
Review By kfb2014 8/18/14 5:51 am
2 out of 3 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
This is spot on intelligent drama, with Mccoy on top form, probably the one I have listened to so far that as made the most sense and also showed off the acting skills of Sylvester for what we know he can do. I love the gloomy atmospheric, almost Mary Shelly esque way the whole thing plays out, I was there in the house with all of them for the entire time. Attentively listening to all of the words that cascade like little drops of light in the doomy darkness that this episode plays out too.

First rate really wonderful stuff

The story is simple really it is the Dr taking on the manifestation of a entity we all know as death, interspersed with the themes of whether someone is a psychotic or not, It literally is wonderful, I listened to this three times and each time, it is like a different layer of an alternative way of thinking smacks you in the face.

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