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6.3 - Ascension

Gallifrey Rises…

Romana’s sacrifice sees Gallifrey restored to its former glory, but at a terrible cost.

As the Time Lords begin to reclaim their stronghold, Leela and Narvin find themselves trapped in a decaying reality… and only K9 can help them.

As old friends fight to reunite, new threats lie in wait…

Because Braxiatel was right: ... (more)

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Review By kfb2014 9/1/14 12:25 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
First outing, outside of the Dr Who Main Range for about 3 weeks, so I thought I would dip into the Gallifrey adventures to see what they were all about. Starring Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson I didn't know what to expect, so approached this with as open mind as I could. The first just a little over 1 hour adventure is pretty safe, if I am honest, that doesn't mean that the story itself is no good, it just means that it sits there nicely, plays out well, and all the boxes ticked. It does create any disturbance or need to fell that it is nothing other than it is. Louise and Lalla I cannot recall being thrown together on screen, I will stand corrected.

Well in this the first of the series, we see that Lalla president elect of the Time Lords. The story starts with us witnessing a time bomb being taken from under the noses of a observation one of whom is a CIA. It turns out they have been hoodwinked. The story follows the twists and turn of outing the person who has taken the temporal time bomb, and the discovery of "Free Time" a mercenary group whom want it for their own bad intentional purposes.

The most interesting part of this is the way in which the writers have played Romana as a much more sterner and more driven political entity. In fact she is a bit of bitch, and she is the one responsible for Leela husbands death. It picks up from where we have seen Leela leave the Dr in the TV Series with Dr No4. This makes this a much more adult style drama. Which I enjoyed very much.
Review By QuartzLight 7/24/12 4:08 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
I really enjoyed this story. I think it is a good sequel to Weapon of Choice, although it does not deal with the questions left at the end of Weapon of Choice, as one might have hoped in this story. However it attends other issues presented in the first story. Once again all the cast are brilliant, especially Lalla Ward as Romana.I gave this story 8/10. I will definitely listen to this story again.
Review By QuartzLight 6/19/12 12:24 pm
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
This is a wonderful story. At first it might seem a bit of a boring plot, but it is superb. The cast is exeptional, especially Lalla Ward. The way she plays Romana is Amazing, Louise Jameson also does a great job as Leela. This plot mainly revolves around the politics of Gallifrey, which may appeal to some people but not to others. You really get drawn into the plot, and by the end of it, with some questions unanswered, it just makes you want to listen to the next one to see what happens next.
I would reccomend this story.
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