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7.0 - Intervention Earth

Times change...

Romana is approaching her final term of office, and hopes to leave her world in a state of peace and harmony. Narvin is concerned about the implementation of a controversial Precog programme, one that seeks to predict the Time Lords' future. Ace is an operative for the Celestial Intervention Agency, having learned the art of interference from one of the best...
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Review By gallifreyvidcastnews 2/8/15 1:25 pm
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
A superb installment in the Gallifrey series. I've been anticipating this eagerly for a while, and despite how excited I was for it, it managed not only to live up to my expectations but to surpass them. The acting was brilliant, with Sophie Aldred giving a superb performance as a different, yet still the same, Ace. Juliet Landau's portrayal of the new incarnation of Romanadvoratrelundar was phenomenal, bringing the same ethereal feel to the character that she did to Drusilla from Buffy.

The only thing potentially disappointing thing about this story that I feel a need to mention is that it is not at all standalone – it spends most of the time building up the atmosphere, which it does very well, and ends on a massive, jaw-dropping cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how Enemy Lines continues the story.
Review By kfb2014 9/4/14 1:25 am
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
This is a fantastic way to end the first season of Gallifrey. We have much more non political story on the face of it, from the previous stories in the series, this sees Romana doing a deal with a wanted time criminal Arkadian in order for her to find out who is responsible for the Timeonic Fusion Device, Project Alpha. However to do this Romana is asked to delay the intervention of the much reviled Narvin and CIA. Romana is told about the fact that a certain person aboard the train will cause a massive issue to temporal stability. We then get to learn that we are aboard a pre WWII train, with Ms Pollard's sister, who is a fascists sympathiser wanting to escape and get back to England, giving up her beliefs in the distant hope that she will build a new life in her home country. However it appears that a certain individual whom Arkadian is working with is not whom he seems, and to all intense and purposes is someone that Romana and especially Leela should know!

Fast paced, wonderful soundscapes, and a story that cracks along at a pace unlike perhaps the more politically charged episodes, makes for a superb ending to the first story line of the first series of this Dr Who spin off which I am getting to enjoy thoroughly. Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson make a first rate job of this, Lalla especially showing the acting skills we did not see in her on screen incarnation.

Brilliant check out the first season.
Review By kfb2014 9/2/14 3:32 pm
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
This the third in the first season, is much more getting the job done, and linking the story together so far so that the listener can get to a point of understanding of what is happening with the conspiracy against Romana, and who is playing games of power to oust her and make her out to be the person that has caused the problems that are ensuing with her peers. A lot of questions of the the original temporal weapon threat in the first episode are answered and also the real truth of what has gone on slowly starts to come out, and once again we are learning more about the real truth of Leela's husbands disappearance.

This is a a very good episode that makes fantastic use of the skills of the ensemble and due to the quality of Big Finish choice of performer gives gravity to the whole 3 episodes so far, with the story getting stronger, and giving us more flesh to the overall plot and intrigue of temporal politics
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