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Dark Eyes - 2.4 - Eyes of the Master

The Doctor, Liv and Molly arrive back on Earth in the 1970s to investigate the Ides Institute. The timelines have shifted since the Doctor and Molly first travelled here and all is not as it was. Dr Sally Armstrong is still working for the Ides, but her associate has a devastating plan in mind.

Soon, Molly's 'dark eyes' prove to be at the centre of a plot to seize control of all lif... (more)

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Review By komodo 3/9/14 7:28 pm
2 out of 4 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
I found this to be a very good story, but I was puzzled how it fits into the series and particularly how it follows on from The Traitor.

As a stand alone story, this has everything. A great reintroduction of Molly and a very interesting story in its own right. Back in 1918, Molly stumbles across an anachronistic forray into biological warfare. The doctor stumbles upon Molly. There is some wonderful timey-wimey business, both with the cause and the effect of this which makes it a good story.

There is another familiar face in the Sugeon General though it is one I am not too familiar with and yet plays a very good role.

The voice talent was excellent as was the sound scape. I would happily score it higher had I felt it was following on from part 1. I also wonder how these two parts will fit in with the rest of the box set.
Review By RyanOM1991 3/8/14 10:21 am
2 out of 4 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
More Daleks, more bombs, more of the same.

The first episode of Dark Eyes 2 doesn't grab you like it should. It's slow to get going and the Daleks have not evolved or been used innovatively. Their scheme is rather mundane compared to others in the past. Basically, there is nothing very original here. The elements in place have been used far more effectively in stories like To the Death and Enemy of the Daleks.

Paul McGann is consistent with his part, but he seems to be going through the motions at the start. The freedom fighters are pretty dull - we don't get much insight into their motivations and they come across as stereotypical militants wreaking destruction in abandon.

However, Liv Chenka is afforded a great deal of development by the script and Nicola Walker gives a stellar performance as a woman looking to make a difference in any way she can. Although this adventure isn't great, it bodes well that she'll be appearing throughout the series.

The climax is undoubtedly the greatest highlight of the episode as it suddenly gains momentum and leads the Doctor into a tough but not unfamiliar choice. The direction and performances really help to give the story the boost it sorely needed, and the Doctor's true intentions are revealed.

A pretty weak episode compared to previous episodes, but the fantastic climax comes out of nowhere (lifting the score by one point) and the Doctor demonstrates a deliciously ruthless secrecy. Worth listening to simply to get Dark Eyes 2 going.
Review By RyanOM1991 3/8/14 5:38 am
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
A satisfying conclusion - the latter half especially so.

With the Doctor and Molly on the run again, the Doctor embarks on a head-on confrontation with "X" and the Daleks.

The first half sets up a promising scenario but seems strangely uninvolving. Again, the consistent jumping from one place to another doesn't really allow for the interesting developments and philosophical moments that were presented in episodes 1 and 3.

The presentation of the Daleks here isn't particularly original and their master plan isn't the most innovative or interesting. There are exterminations but they don't seem to carry the weight that they should.

But the second half really picks up. The truth of "X"'s identity is a genuine shock and Straxus' master plan really does surprise and explains his actions in previous episodes. Ironically, as the Daleks take a backseat and let these two come to the fore, it really improves. Nobody is actually what they seem - it's been done to death but rarely so inventively and effectively as it is here. There is the inevitable self-sacrifice at the climax, but the character is so likeable and selfless that it really hits you hard when it happens.

To sum up the first half is a set-up that might leave you wondering if it's going to fall flat, but the second half really picks it up and gives Dark Eyes the fantastic conclusion that it deserves.
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