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DWM448 - The Revenants

The present day: the Orkney Ferry, where Ian Chesterton meets a stranger who he is able to confide in.

Decades earlier: the TARDIS lands on Orkney, and Ian and Barbara are abandoned when the Doctor and his ship vanish in front of their eyes. As the pair head for civilization, something is stirring in the treacherous bog lands.

And only the ancient Wissfornjarl can pro... (more)

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Review By kfb2014 8/11/14 2:00 am
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Right this is free supplementary issued Dr Who adventure with the 5th Dr and Erimem. It is a light hearted 30 minute play, that is enjoyable enough and shows off the acting of Peter Davidson, it also makes me consider that he was vastly underrated. The story is based around the Dr, and Erimem walking around the TARDIS with the Dr showing her various rooms aboard, all is fine until they start to loose their way, and then there is a power cut. I don't want to give anymore away, but this is a perfect story to go to sleep too. Uncomplicated fun.
Review By CaptFishy 1/6/14 3:51 pm
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
This was my first ever piece of Big Finish listening, heard when it was given away with Doctor Who Magazine. Paul McGann has always been one of my most favourite Doctors, which is why I sought out the audio, (I wasnt a regular DWM subscriber).

This short story is a little simple and corny, but what comes across is the friendship between the Doctor and Charley, and their obvious joy in adventuring together - the essence of the DW companionships really. It was enough lets say to get me interested in Big Finish and to give them a try.

Now, years later, I have storage problems for the disks I've purchased, and there are still titles I want. I've also discovered great writers like Rob Shearman and Nev Fountain in the process, and expanded my enjoyment of other writers such as Paul Cornell.
Review By Polar Bear 6/5/13 6:01 am
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Reviewer Says:
Previous stories required!
The more fannish you are, the more you'll enjoy this story. Set entirely inside the Tardis, this adventure features shout-outs to past incarnations, past companions, and Tardis geography (or is that geometry?), all within a brain game that features Peter Davison at his most convincing. You'll love this if you Recommended for those who know their Who history, especially those who read the comic book adventures of the Fifth Doctor. Here's an excellent CD cover for you:
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