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Classic TV Series (Restored)

The Enemy of the World

The time travellers arrive in Australia in the near future and learn from a man named Giles Kent that the Doctor is the physical double of Salamander, a scientist and politician who has discovered a m... (more)

Classic TV Series (Restored)

The Web of Fear

The TARDIS narrowly avoids becoming engulfed in a web-like substance in space. It then arrives in the London Underground railway system, the tunnels of which are being overrun by the web and by the Gr... (more)

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Review By komodo 2/23/14 6:44 pm
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I picked up the soundtrack release of these from AudioGo (back when they existed) and have only just found the time to listen.

It is a hard thing to listen to and probably better to watch. It reminds me of Commander Buzz Corey and the SPAAAAAACE Patrol!!! That is good only fashion pulp fiction SF. Listening to it, I can see the cardboard props.

For the first half the TARDIS crew are having a small almost insignificant adevnture while space commanders and space pirates are involved in an almost unrelated story. You hear very little of the crew and mostly get the barrage of cast members that I don't care about.

I find the old soundtrack releases of the old episodes to be interesting, but not necessarily enjoyable.
Review By UntemperedScherzo 1/25/14 10:40 am
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This story is a great example of how Doctor Who handles humanity's future. The plot is wonderful and the set design is fantastic, you find yourself engaged from start to finish. Probably the best thing is the characters; Brazen the strict commander, Range the sympathetic elder and Norna the beautiful action heroine. The acting is top-notch too.

The Tractators are notorious for letting this serial down. While I think the good more than outweighs the bad, they're certainly difficult to take seriously. I'm not usually one to insult the classic series' special effects, I'm a firm believer that the production team should know they're limitations. The Web Planet is the prime example of that fact, but the Tractators are a worthy mention. Turlough's terror of his ancestor's killers works brilliantly, but the affect falters whenever you lay eyes on them. It would have been better if the Tractators were never shown on-screen.

However, this is a great serial that gets far too little recognition. A hidden Davison gem that I highly recommend.
Review By UntemperedScherzo 1/22/14 10:44 am
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An absolute treat. Although the Myth Makers has a wonderful script, the Massacre succeeds in creating one of the most dramatic historicals the show has ever done.

Unlike other historicals at the time, such as the Reign of Terror, this one takes place in one of the lesser known times in history - The St Bartholomew's Day Massacre, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 10,000 Huguenots. Because of the story taking place in such a rarely discussed time of history, Steven spends most of the story with a confused expression on his face, which we can only guess is supposed to give the audience sympathy for not understanding the plot. Indeed, the story can be hard to follow, but a quick check of Wikipedia got me up to speed pretty easily.

Because of the junkings of the 70s, all the four parts are currently missing from the BBC archives. In fact, it's one of three serials where there is no surviving video footage, the other two being Marco Polo and Mission to the Unknown. As such it's hard to praise the acting or direction, but I'm sure nobody would disagree when I say that Hartnell's final speech is one of the character's best, perhaps the best. Forgetting Ian's name was also a beautiful touch.
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