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18. Judge Dredd- Solo

A shape-shifting killer is on the loose in Alientown and Judge Dredd is on his own.

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Review By adamelijah 4/27/15 5:18 am
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Reviewer Says:
No previous stories required.
Elizabeth Blunt travels to Mega-City One to do research and conduct interviews on her favorite topic: the novels of Slick Dickens, an anti-hero and thug who was the subject of novels that are very popular in academic circles but banned. However, when Slick Dickens starts to kill real people with whom the character has a grudge she runs into Judge Dredd.

This is a very fun production. It manages to maintain a great comic book tone while gently poking fun at Noir and the genre of novel from which Slick originate, while at the same time lampooning the often heady academic deconstruction of everything.

Written in a similar format of the Doctor Who Companion Chronicles, with two actors reading the story, both do very well here. Helen Kay does a great job creating this character torn between her youthful love for Slick Dickens and her more academic side. Toby Longworth makes all the characters work including Dredd. His, “I don’t have relationships” line was hilarious.

The plot twist ending was pretty predictable for anyone whose ever read a mystery like this, but I do give the writer credit for throwing in some good misdirection to throw us. Overall, this is an enjoyable tale with no previous knowledge of Judge Dredd required.
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